2019’s Top 5 Halloween Costume Trends

Halloween is quickly approaching, which means it’s time to look in our closets or drive over to the nearest Spirit Halloween store to find and assemble the perfect costume. 

Even so, it can be hard to figure out what to dress up as. 

Inspiration for costumes can come from almost anywhere. Most people, in fact, turn to their favorite characters from a newly released TV show or movie or to costumes that are trending. Others join their friends to decide on a common theme. 

While some Halloween costume trends will never disappear, such as dressing up as a cat, devil, vampire, or witch, many others come from the current popular culture. 

Among the themes that are trending now are:  

Horror Movie Characters

This year saw the release of several remakes of iconic movies including “IT: Chapter Two” and “Child’s Play.” Besides being new movies to watch in October, they easily can be translated into costume ideas. A couple of  characters worth dressing up as: Pennywise the Clown from “IT,” Chucky the Doll from “Child’s Play,” or one of the adults in The Losers’ Club from “IT.” 

Superheros and Villians

Besides new remakes of horror movies, this year also saw the release of several new superhero and supervillain movies from both the Marvel Cinematic Universe and DC Comics. A couple of iconic characters from these thrilling movies include the Joker, Spider-Man, Captain Marvel, Valkyrie, and Shazam. 

Characters from “Euphoria” 

“Euphoria” was one of the most talked about shows this year. It gave audiences a realistic look at what high school can be like nowadays and allowed for conversation about problems that are affecting today’s generation of teens. Characters to dress up as from “Euphoria”: Rue, Jules, Maddy, Cassie, Fez, Nate, Kat, or Lexi.

Characters from “Stranger Things”

Another popular TV show, “Stranger Things” has inspired costumes since its release in 2016. However, season three introduced new characters and different looks from some of the original characters. Characters to dress up as include Eleven, Nancy, Mike, Dustin, Will, Lucas, Jonathan, Chief Hopper, Max, and Robin. 

Anything “Pun-ny”

Personally, I find that some of my favorite costume ideas come from puns. They allow you to express your sense of humor and interests while also allowing you to get all dressed up. 

Also, if you’re afraid your costume idea is too common, you can always make it into a pun in order for it to be more original and humorous. Some of my favorite “pun-ny” costumes include “Party Animals,” “Holy Guacamole,” “French Toast,” “Deviled Egg,” and “Curiosity Killed the Cat.”

Halloween is the perfect time to express yourself and have fun. Hopefully 2019’s trends bring out these traits in everyone for another year.