USG New Initiative


As part of an initiative to make the campus environment more welcoming, the United Student Government (USG) of Moravian College has made feminine hygiene products available at no cost in the first floor female and gender neutral restrooms of PPHAC and in both female restrooms of the HUB.   

USG intends to expand the program  next semester, partnering with the American Association of University Women (AAUW) and Spectrum to supply products to additional restrooms across  campus.

The USG initiative was the brainchild of  USG representative Vina Aguirre ‘20.

“I started the free feminine products in the public academic bathrooms of our school for those who experience menstrual cycles and are disadvantaged with the lack of supplies they have on hand,” said Aguirre. “USG is an organization that strives to serve and improve the well-being of the student body, and this initiative is meant to do just that.”

The initiative was first brought up on March 13, 2018, and immediately garnered USG’s support.  To date, USG has spent over $300 on the initiative, with plans to spend more next year.

USG is looking for feedback on the program. Students can reach them at: [email protected]