Editor’s Letter (9/17)


Photo courtesy of Nicholas Wan

Dear Readers,

Welcome back to the 9/17 edition of The Comenian!

These past few weeks as Editor-in-Chief have been quite exhilarating — stressful, yes, but very rewarding. Our individual recruiting efforts and our booth at Club Fair were both tremendous successes, bringing in many new, eager faces to the paper, with whom I’m very excited to work. And of course, I’m very excited for our readers to meet our new writers as well. 

I also have a very exciting piece of news to share. The Comenian has been a purely online publication since the Fall of 2016, but for those who didn’t know, we used to print physical newspapers and distribute them around campus. We at The Comenian intend to bring this back for a special Halloween edition of the paper! 

There is something so enthralling about a physical newspaper. It’s something that I can treasure, look back upon in a few years from now and remember all the hard work that went into it. Sure, online publications will ensure that our work is around forever, preserved on the Internet in perfect condition, whereas a print newspaper will turn yellow and brittle over time. But after seeing all the old, 1980s editions of The Comenian that we have stored in our office, it made me realize that these newspapers are timeless. I want to be a part of that history. 

So I hope you’re just as excited as me for this! The plan is to release the printed Halloween-edition of The Comenian around the end of October.

As for this edition of the paper, we have a distinct Heritage Day flair, including a number of pictures from the event that you can find in our slideshow, also located at the bottom left on the homescreen, along with experiences of the event as told by guest reporter Sara Turkdonmez. 

Additionally, two of our newest reporters also shared their experiences with Heritage Day. Check out Abby Brisson’s recap, as well as AJ Minnich’s rant about why Heritage Day disappointed him

Guest reporter Teddy Smith presents his climate change manifesto, and his unique take on how he intends to handle this situation with the idea of “hope” in mind.

Dominic Trabosci returns with another phenomenal album review, this time on Billie Eilish’s “Happier than Ever.” Did Eilish’s album earn Dom’s seal of approval? Well, you have to read to find out!

We also have the long-awaited return of Anna Litofsky’s beloved and wildly-popular “Behind the Mask” comic. 

Learn more about Dr. Barbara Vinciguerra, Chair of the Economics and Business Department at Moravian University in our most popular feature: The Professor Spotlight. 

Long-time readers of The Comenian will surely recognize this next name. Former Editor-in-Chief Kaytlyn Gordon returns in our regular feature: The Class that Made a Difference. 

For those interested in joining The Comenian, we are still searching for writers, editors, photographers, videographers, and graphic designers. 

We meet on Wednesdays at 5:00 p.m. via Zoom. Email [email protected] for more information!

Thank you to my staff for their hard work, and thank you to our readers for their continued support! 

Your Editor-in-Chief,