Ana’s Answers: What if My Partner Has Different Beliefs?


Photo courtesy of Scientific American

Question: What should I do if my partner and I have different political views?

Now this can be a tricky subject because, in this day and age, everyone and their mothers have a strong opinion when it comes to politics. It is understandable to have worries but do not fear. People with different views are together today! 

There are just certain guidelines that people follow in order to keep the peace with their partner. One of these tactics is to have open communication. In my eyes, this is definitely a more complex path to go down, but hear me out. 

When your partner talks about a different political view all you say is, “I respectfully disagree with you.” Now, if your partner is hot-headed this option is not for you. But if your partner is more of a chill level-headed type this could easily work! 

Another tactic is to just simply not talk about it! Many relationships have topics that they simply don’t talk about. Believe it or not, there are other things to talk about than politics. If at the end of the day this disagreement is straining your life and relationship too much, it is okay to leave. It will be easier to be with someone with the same views but love is love. It always finds a way. 

And that is Ana’s Answer!