The Comenian


The Comenian is the independent student newspaper of Moravian College. Established in 1891, the paper reports on news, events, and issues that are relevant to the College community, providing a forum for discussion among students, faculty and staff, and giving students training and experience in the field of journalism. The Comenian understands and is committed to fulfilling its responsibility of abiding by Moravian College’s policies and the policies of United Student Government (USG).

The Comenian welcomes writers, editors, photographers, graphic designers, social media experts and other creatives from all communities of the College to join and contribute to the newspaper.

Editorial Policy

The Comenian welcomes op-eds — opinion pieces — from members of the greater Moravian community. Op-eds must be relevant to the College and not just express the writer’s opinion on a particular topic but also explain why the writer holds that opinion. Advertisements and self-promotional material will not be accepted. 

The Comenian reserves the right to not publish an op-ed if the staff deems that it is poorly done or contains personal attacks and derogatory or threatening language. We will also not publish content that is unsubstantiated, factually untrue, or libelous. 

Editors work with the writer to ensure that the opinion piece reflects the writer’s view but also conforms to criteria mentioned above. 

Comment Policy

We welcome readers to comment on our articles. Our editors review each comment before publishing it. Comments must relate to the article in question. We will not publish comments that contain profanity, personally attack the reporter, and are factually untrue.