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The plaque located in Plymouth that acknowledges the difficult relationship between indigenous people and Thanksgiving; Photo Courtesy of:
Friday Forum Tackles Fraught Relationship Between Indigenous People and Thanksgiving
Elizabeth Horn, Editor-In-Chief • December 9, 2020

Thanksgiving has become a very controversial holiday, especially in regards to the new “woke” generation.  The holiday usually sees children making crafts of caricatures of indigenous people and people retelling the factually inaccurate and whitewashed version of the First Thanksgiving.  Unsurprisingly, there has been a pushback from the Indigineous community and their supporters about...

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Visas and Travel Restrictions: MoCo’s International Students Face Unique Pandemic Anxieties
Lara Slabber, Guest Reporter • November 20, 2020

Between the constantly evolving visa regulations and the strain of being separated from our families by thousands of miles during a dangerous public health crisis, Moravian College’s international students face a host of unique challenges that American students are often scarcely aware of.  There are around 100 international students in the Moravian College student body. These are all students...

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Vespers Goes Virtual
Vespers Goes Virtual
Samantha Riley, Managing Editor • December 10, 2020

After a long semester of hard work and preparation, the Central Moravian Church and the Moravian College music department are back with their annual Christmas Vespers celebration–but this time it’s online. The Moravian...

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Comic Corner: Behind the Mask (click for full size)
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Fast Fashion is Hurting our Environment and Well-Being and Not Many People Know It
Brianna Lefkoski, Guest Reporter • December 9, 2020

I bet you had no idea that buying cheap clothes from stores like Zara, Forever 21, and Fashion Nova is actually affecting our environment and well-being.  As crazy as it seems, the process of making...

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