The Comenian

2017-2018 Staff

Elizabeth Schwartz


My name is Elizabeth Schwartz and I am a freshman here at Moravian College. I am currently undecided, but have a strong interest in creative writing and journalism. I am a part of the Zinzendorf Literary Society and Habitat for...

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Josiah Soto


My name is Josiah Soto, and this is my first year as a reporter for The Comenian.  I am sophomore here at Moravian, with a major in English, and a double minor in Political Science and Photography. Along with being involved with The...

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Corinne Philbin

Managing Editor

Corinne Philbin is a sophomore English major with a focus in Media Studies and Journalism at Moravian College. This is her second year as Managing Editor of The Comenian. Corinne is also a member of the Moravian College Theatre Compan...

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Jaime Ernst

Arts & Entertainment Section Editor

Hi! My name is Jaime, and I am the Arts & Entertainment section editor for The Comenian.  I am an English Secondary Education major as well as a double minor in Spanish and Mathematics here at Moravian. I am a Writing Center Tu...

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Elizabeth Horn

News Section Editor

My name is Elizabeth Horn. I am a freshman here at Moravian College and I’m majoring in English and History. This is my first year on the Comenian team, and I am working as the News Section editor. Outside of class, I also am a m...

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Samantha Riley


My name is Samantha Riley and I am a freshman here at Moravian College. Currently I am undecided for my major, but I'm excited to explore and hopefully find one that fits what I want to do. This is my first year writing for Th...

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Nicole Capuano

Sports Section Editor

My name is Nicole Capuano and I am a senior English Major and Sociology Minor at Moravian. With aspirations of becoming a journalist, I am elated to be the Sports Section Editor for The Comenian this year. In addition to writing ...

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Brianna Marmol

Copy Editor

My name is Brianna Marmol and I’m the copy editor for The Comenian! I’ve been part of the newspaper for four years and have been the copy editor for the past two years. I’m an English major with a media studies minor an...

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Kaytlyn Gordon


My name is Kaytlyn Gordon and this is my second year serving as the Editor-in-Chief of The Comenian. I’m a junior English Major with a Writing Arts Certification and a Minor in Mass Media. I’m a Writing Center tutor, an inter...

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Sara Weidner

Community Section Edtior

My name is Sara Weidner and I am a senior (2018) English major with Writing Arts Certification and Spanish minor. I am an active participant in the English Department, as I am an English Department Student Ambassador, President...

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Alexa Hromyak


My name is Alexa Hromyak and I am a nursing major and a writer/photographer for the newspaper. I am involved in the Student Nurses Association, Active Minds, and The Comenian. I have two really cute dogs, and most people call me ...

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Jonathon Fiore


My name is Jonathan Fiore and I am a senior English Major with Writing Arts certification and a History Minor here at Moravian. As a staff writer on the Comenian staff, I help create some of the great articles that you find. W...

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John Desmond IV


My name is John T Desmond IV, and I am a member of the Class of 2018 at Moravian College. I’m an Accounting major, and very involved on campus. I am a representative and member of the Finance Committee for USG, and Presiden...

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Kayleigh Ficarra

Copy Editor

My name is Kayleigh Ficarra and I am a junior English major. I am on the editing staff of The Comenian. I am a member of the Moravian College Theatre Company, where I have acted, done crew, and directed. I am also a member of...

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Brooke Santy

Sports Reporter

My name is Brooke Santy, and I am a sophomore at Moravian with aspirations of becoming an elementary school teacher. I am enrolled in the early childhood education program with a major in English. I am on the Moravian Women’s ...

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Nathaniel Rhoads

Arts & Entertainment Reporter

My name is Nathaniel Rhoads and I’m a junior Economic Theory and Policy major with a minor in Mathematics.  I am an Arts & Entertainment reporter for The Comenian.  Along with being a reporter for The Comenian, I am a member o...

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