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The Comenian’s Gift Guide to Save You Some Holiday Hassle

Photo courtesy of Lola Offenback.

When in doubt, just go to Five Below! It’s literally a haven for those on a budget but still want to get something worthwhile for loved ones. Not only do they have the most practical Christmas gifts but they also have a wide range of pop culture merchandise, from trendy TV shows to anime. If none of those appeal to you, they also have an awesome array of exotic snacks and candies to choose from! – Fatimah

Handmade gifts and home- cooked desserts have always been an affordable go-to for me! My homemade gifts have ranged from scrapbooks to cards and beyond. There is also nothing people like more than a nice freshly baked dessert. Making something individualized for someone allows you to add a personal touch and you can accommodate for any allergies or dietary restrictions they may have. – Lola

Squishmallows. Without fail, Squishmallows are my personal go-to for any gift-giving needs. Thrown into a Secret Santa where you don’t know half of the people, and naturally, you have to get a gift for someone you’ve never met in your life? Squishy.

Your friend has a painful lack of stuffed animals in their room and they need something to hug because they’re deprived of physical touch? Squishy. Are they just super cute and you can find something for literally anyone? Yeah. Squishmallows are just the best. – Todd

Getting gifts is a delicate art that requires you to really know who you are getting a gift for. It’s a difficult balancing act and it is often hard to find the right gift for someone, but one of my go-to methods is to simply look up what some good gifts are for that person’s special interests and passions.

Got a friend who’s a big gamer but you don’t want to risk getting them something they already have? Look up some cool merchandise from their favorite games.

Another great strategy is to look for a funny gift that will get a laugh out of them. Even if it’s fart spray from Five Below, funny gifts are always appreciated and just having that first gift can help you to find the main gift you want to get someone. – AJ

Redbubble and Etsy can come in clutch during the holiday season. Both have lots of merchandise for almost any form of entertainment you can think of. All you need is one show, movie, game, or really anything that a person likes, and chances are there is (unofficial) merch on one of these websites. Etsy can get a little pricey, so I’d only recommend it if you’re willing to shell out a good amount of money. Redbubble on the other hand has very affordable stickers, shirts, and other cool merchandise.

Also, there’s usually always some kind of sale on Redbubble, so check back frequently to see if you can snag some products for a great deal. – Joel

As a perpetually cold person, I always love receiving warm winter garments, like gloves, scarves, hand warmers, and even more creative gifts like a mug warmer, or a heated blanket! Your anemic friends will appreciate your help in keeping them warm! – Liz

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