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Commuter Corner: Reasons to Commute

Photo courtesy of Liz Kameen.

Each student has their own unique story and reasoning for being a commuter student, and with all the advice I have given through this column, I have never shared my own reasoning. 

I am not originally from the Lehigh Valley, but I moved here from New Jersey one week before beginning classes here at Moravian. I live with my mom and grandma and honestly couldn’t imagine not coming home to them every single night. 

Getting to see my family every day has to be the biggest factor that keeps me commuting. 

There’s nothing like coming home from a long day of classes to a homecooked meal, and I know just how lucky I am when I hear all of my resident friends complaining about eating at the dining hall every … single … day. 

Having a support system is very important to me. My family assists me through my schooling and is always willing to alleviate some struggles for me while I focus on school, such as doing my laundry, the dishes, etc. 

I am always so grateful for what my family does and the support they show me as I pursue my education! 

Being able to leave campus also provides me with a sense of independence and a better work-life balance. Rather than being at school 24/7, I have the opportunity to wake up, get a workout in at my local gym, make a nice breakfast, and even run errands, all before my classes start. Knowing me, if I lived on campus, I would never have explored the local area and would very rarely step foot off campus. 

Knowing that I can drive to my local library, drive down the road to my mechanic shop every time I hear a funny noise, go grocery shopping, or walk around T.J. Maxx brings me a sense of security and independence. 

I put myself out of my comfort zone every day on campus, and I want to be able to return to an environment that feels safe and homey. 

Obviously, having my own bedroom to come home to every night is a plus. I don’t have to deal with the raucous noises of a frat party in the middle of the night or the ungodly habits of college-aged people. Personally, I love coming home to my own, non-twin-sized bed every night and sleeping comfortably, knowing my mom and grandma are in the next room. 

Each student needs to consider their values and what they need to feel fulfilled and satisfied in their life. Some people need the growth that comes with living away from home in a dorm; others need the support of their families. It’s important to take all of these factors into account when considering their residency status.

My biggest advice for anyone debating whether to be a commuter or resident is to listen to your intuition and what feels right, given your personal circumstances. 

While there are always downsides to being a commuter or a resident, I wouldn’t trade being a commuter student for anything. 

As always, if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please either leave a comment, email me at [email protected], or fill out this form!

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