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Preteen Pandemonium: Tween Epidemic

It’s crazy that we are currently living in a reality where tweens tend to disregard adult authority.  

Amongst this tween epidemic, what are called “Sephora girls” have become a topic of heated discussion. They are especially obsessed with the skincare brand Drunk Elephant, along with many others. I don’t think there is a problem with tweens trying to use skincare, but when they use these harsh chemical substances on their face at a young age, it damages their skin. That’s when I have an issue with it. I am only 20 years old, and it’s not advised for people around my age to use retinol cream, but you see children using it, which is outrageous.

Have you heard about these skin “potions,” because I sure haven’t! Apparently, you mix up the Drunk Elephant products, so it’s all in one go. As a result, tweens and younger children are ruining skincare samples. I’ve heard some stories that products are not only stolen but are being ruined to the point of no return. There is even a potential that some Sephora locations are going to remove test samples from their shelves. I have never been more delighted that I didn’t go to Sephora; Walmart for the win!

That is not even mentioning the fact that their Lululemon leggings are so expensive; why the heck would you spend so much on leggings that you’re going to grow out of them within a year? What happened to buying clothes from Justice and other stores?  

Also, the fact that these children are bullying others for not having a Stanley is mind-blowing to me. What’s wrong with my dingy, off-brand water bottle? It serves its purpose, and I am not worried about denting it. 

Just talking about how tweens are so materialistic and high-consumers scares me. How do parents have money to support these habits? Researching and writing this article, I felt broke learning how much these tweens are spending. I want that type of money for real!

I don’t have TikTok, and yet, I know about how widespread all of this has gotten. This is a problem that needs to be fixed. Even adult customers are scared of this age group just because of how mean they are. I know children in general are brutally honest, but it hurts if they just straight up say you’re ugly to your face. Luckily, I have never had that experience! Honestly, it raises the question, “Who raised you?” and “Where are your parents?” 

I feel like kids always want to grow up so fast, but they don’t realize how important it is to cherish their childhood. Like, what’s the rush? Enjoy not having to do any adult stuff like doing taxes and paying bills. 

With all the malls being shut down and a lot of third-place stores moving to online shopping, it’s no wonder why tweens are gravitating towards more adult-advertised items. 

Overall, I don’t think the fault should fall on the tweens for all their behavior; it’s the result of the parenting differences between Gen X and Millennials. With Gen X parenting being more strict, Millennials tend to be more lenient and want to be different from their parents. I think this is neglectful; in a way, I get it but also, I don’t. Okay, that’s it for me talking about this situation. Hopefully, I never have to witness this epidemic again, at least during my lifetime. 

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