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Praise of the Week: Road Warriors a.k.a Shuttle Drivers

You may have seen them around campus, but do you really know who’s driving you? Do you ever take the time to appreciate the individuals behind the wheel?

Over the first two weeks, when the weather gets frigid, you can depend on the shuttle to get you around, especially with all that wind that doesn’t help in the sense of walking wherever you need to go. 

Once you’re on the shuttle, it usually only takes approximately 10 minutes to get you from North to South or vice versa, which is super convenient if you are in a pickle! As someone who goes to both campuses frequently it’s super nice to have the option of being able to take a shuttle. Sometimes, walking back to campus can be a hike, especially when you are on a time crunch, with the variables of the unknown of the main street. I am pretty sure they also have heating and air conditioning, making it a pleasant experience, especially with all these unpredictable weather patterns. 

The shuttle drivers are some of the sweetest and nicest people you will ever meet on campus. I haven’t had any negative experiences with any of the people who drive the shuttle. 

Shuttle drivers on South even wait for choir/music students and wait for them so they don’t have to run to catch the shuttle. Honestly, it’s amazing that they remember when most choir students finish on Mondays and Wednesdays. 

For commuters like me (hi, yes, this is Fatimah!), the shuttle is super convenient for our needs. For those who take the bus or are parked in the parking garage, the shuttle stop being so close is a godsend. It’s so nice being greeted by kind drivers, especially when (exhaustingly) commuting from work right to school. 

One night, when I was taking the shuttle in the late evening, a very cordial shuttle driver drove all the way up right next to the bus station since it was dark, and he was concerned about me having to walk even just a little bit to catch my bus. He could’ve easily just left me right at the stop itself, but he actually pulled up further, so I didn’t have to walk more than I needed to. That’s dedication and an act of kindness and consideration that I will never forget! 

Moreover, I know public bus drivers are always on tight schedules, so I definitely sympathize with the shuttle drivers and the tight schedules they run on as well. 

It would be more convenient if they would update the shuttle app to enhance the overall experience of taking the shuttle. But, the drivers themselves are wonderful and care about students. 

You may get frustrated with the shuttle, but please take the time and acknowledge the people who are driving you to where you need to be. Always be sure to greet them and say thank you because they definitely deserve the gratitude! 

Special shoutout to Tom and Sue for going above and beyond to make the shuttle experience more enjoyable!

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