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Taylor Swift Accused of Converting Republicans

Taylor Swift: you either love or hate her. Regardless, she has taken the media by storm since the beginning of The Eras Tour. And, this just in: Taylor is now rigging the presidential election?

Rumors began after Travis Kelce and the Kansas City Chiefs advanced to the Super Bowl. Swift has been accused of being part of a psychological operation in the Pentagon, rigging the election in Joe Biden’s favor, and even rigging the Super Bowl. 

Swift, who hasn’t spoken publicly about the 2024 election, is being accused by Republicans everywhere of being part of an extravagant plan to turn the election in Democratic favor. 

For starters, former presidential candidate of the Republican party, Vivek Ramaswamy said, “I wonder who’s going to win the Super Bowl next month. And I wonder if there’s a major presidential endorsement coming from an artificially culturally propped-up couple this fall.”

Additionally, influencer Jack Posobiec said, “Donald Trump is more popular and has a larger base than Taylor Swift.”

I think the funniest quote in all of this has to be, “It’s all FAKE. Taylor Swift EXPOSED as a FED OP to RIG 2024 election for Biden. Pentagon ADMITS it,” from columnist Benny Johnson. 

When did Taylor Swift enter a popularity contest with Donald Trump? Am I the only Swiftie who didn’t get the memo? 

Matt Gorman, vice president of a Republican political consulting firm, said, “People just want to like Taylor Swift. They want to be able to watch football and listen to her music and not consider the political implications.”

And what political implications would that be? The fact that Swift has stated she is a liberal? Or that Travis Kelce was in an ad supporting flu and COVID-19 vaccinations? Because, genuinely, there is no other evidence to show she is in any way affiliated with the 2024 presidential election. 

I have to laugh at the hate that Taylor Swift gets; she just happens to be a successful woman, and for some reason, people can’t stand that. However, this is getting out of hand. I want to know what runs through these people’s heads. 

Genuinely, what has Taylor Swift done to make them think she is in any way affiliated with the presidential election? She hasn’t even spoken about it publicly. What, are they micing up her bedroom and listening to her and Travis sweet talk about Donald Trump and Joe Biden before bed? 

It is clear that the Republican party is fearful of the influence Swift holds and knows that she would not be in their favor should she speak on the election. Honestly, they should be scared because they are digging themselves into a hole, one Taylor Swift accusation at a time. 

Republicans were angered when Swift made a post about registering to vote. She didn’t tell people to vote Democratic or even claim she supported the Democratic party. Theoretically, the more people registered to vote, the more votes the Republican party would get, so why get upset? 

Now, the rumors and backlash are becoming so ludicrous that I don’t know how it is possible for people to believe them. 

The whole world knows that Swifties are passionate, and the more Republicans that speak out against her, the worse off they will be for it. Swifties rally, and they could truly turn the tides of the election if they wanted to, whether Swift supports it or not. Angering Swifties is honestly an act of war at this point. 

My advice to Republicans would be to shut up while you still have the chance. Don’t poke the sleeping bear, and the Swifties won’t attack.

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