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Restaurant Review: Diner 248

Diner 248 has become a staple in Bethlehem and Easton and for good reason: this place is impressively good for a diner. Don’t get me wrong, not all diners are bad, but, on the whole, they generally are not that great and very much seem to have a jack-of-all-trades, master-of-none mentality.

For the most part, Diner 248 avoids this pitfall as it offers a great selection of food that is diverse enough to please multiple appetites while also not getting too ambitious that the menu becomes unwieldy. 

I’ll admit, I have been going to this place since I was a little kid so my perspective is definitely informed by the childlike nostalgia that I get from it. From the age of 10 on, I have had food from here nearly every single Friday with my grandparents. That’s right, I have gotten food from there upwards of 500 times, and as long as I can help it, I will be extending that to 1,000. 

The service at 248 is fantastic, and the staff are super personable and will often strike up conversations with patrons, which creates a welcoming atmosphere. I went there with a group of friends, and they were willing to be very accommodating to a bunch of college students, knowing we would most likely get split checks.

There is one notable issue, however. When the COVID-19 pandemic first began, the menu shrunk dramatically and hasn’t really gone back to its original larger size. On one hand, it does mean that they can specialize more on specific dishes. Still, I can’t help but feel saddened that some of their regular dishes now come at a premium. Oh, clam chowder: how do I miss you!

That’s not to say the current menu is lacking in any regard; it’s just that long-time regulars notice that there are fewer options.

That said, the food currently on offer is great!

Since discovering the wonderful world of hot wings, I have yet to find another location in the Lehigh Valley with better wings. They are always cooked just right, and there’s always enough meat on the bone that you will never feel ripped off. Their boneless wings are also just amazing to the point where I legitimately cannot decide which variant I prefer. 

If you’re getting these wings, I highly, highly recommend getting the Inferno sauce. Yes, it’s super hot, and I still tear up after eating them dozens of times, but that sauce is like the spicy nectar of the heavens. 

After eating the Inferno wings, the Alice Fries are a great way to absorb the heat. These loaded cheese fries are awesome and come with loads of cheddar and bacon.

Their burgers are also surprisingly great. Restaurant burgers are typically not my cup of tea as they often are too greasy or don’t have a good balance between meat and cheese, but these burgers strike that perfect balance.

Diner 248 also offers a great array of Italian food. Typically, diners don’t have great Italian food as the sauce is very often tasteless and watery. 

Their Fettucini Alfredo is solid, if a tad bland. The shrimp penne vodka is great with a good creamy sauce and shrimp that aren’t too big or too small. They also make a mean chicken parm that is some of the best you’ll find in a non-Italian restaurant. Their mozzarella sticks are flat out some of the best I have had in this area.

Their best Italian dish, however, is just simple spaghetti and meatballs. Between the great sauce and their immaculate meatballs, I am not ashamed to admit that I have probably had this hundreds of times.

Diner 248 has established itself as a cornerstone of the Lehigh Valley culinary world and for good reason too. They have great food and a fantastic and friendly staff. If you are interested in checking out Diner 248 (if you somehow haven’t already), it is located at 3701 Nazareth Rd, Easton, and their phone number is (610) 252-4300

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