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Editor’s Letter 3/22

Photo from Nate Pynchon

Dear readers,

It’s getting to that point in the semester where everyone is scrambling around like chickens with their heads cut off and the work starts to build up more and more. If you are starting to feel the pressure, just know that despite the stress you may feel at this moment, tomorrow will still come. Give yourself time to decompress and relax even if it seemingly seems like there’s not enough time to get a full night’s sleep before a professor starts beating you over the head with a new assignment.

That said, we are still excited to be bringing you yet another edition of The Comenian! 

Before I jump into things, I would like to address a comment I made in my 2/26 editor’s letter. In that letter, I made a snarky comment about the Hub (which was not yet torn down at the time) having a “weird asbestos smell.” I just want to clarify that was me making a joke and that was in no way intended to be a serious comment. 

In order to gain a better grasp of student, faculty, and staff opinions on The Comenian, we have made a feedback form to give a more direct way for our readers to provide input and feedback on our content. Additionally, we will be offering a $50 Amazon gift card to one, randomly-chosen undergraduate student who fills out the form by April 12. Regardless of the giveaway, however, we are looking for any and all input from our readers, so please feel free to fill it out if you are a part of the wider Moravian community! 

In this edition, you’ll notice that we have a new article series in the Community section! We are starting a fun fact column called “Did You Know?” where we give short little snippets of information that many Moravian students and community members may not have known.

Before I sign off: if you’re interested in joining The Comenian please join us at our meetings, which take place every Wednesday at 5 p.m. in Zinzendorf Hall, room 100. We also have secondary meetings on Thursdays at the same time and place for people who can’t come on Wednesdays. If you cannot make it to meetings, that is fine as well! We fully allow asynchronous participation, so don’t feel scared about not making it to meetings.

We are looking for new writers, photographers, videographers, graphic designers, and more, so if any of those interest you be sure to stop by or email me at [email protected]

The Comenian supports a wide range of content. If you want to interview students around campus, you can. If you want to make video essays you can. If you want to make short comics, you can. Whether you want to write about news, politics, music, movies, sports, video games, food, history, or anything else, I guarantee you will have a place here.

Also, if you would like to be notified by email whenever we publish a new edition of the paper – either the online or print version – please send your address to [email protected]. We’ll add you to our email list!

That’s all from me folks! Thank you for reading our paper and be sure to check back in for future editions!

Your editor-in-chief,


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