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Kameenian Korner: A Guide to First Dates

Photo from Liz Kameen, Big Wheel Roller Rink.

We have all been there before: you like someone, and now you have to decide what to do. Well, lucky for most of our readers, we’re located in one of the biggest metropolitan areas in Pennsylvania, and we are surrounded by amazing activities. But, for most people, these are unfeasible, whether it be due to finances or transportation. 

So, if you’re trying to find something to do in the area, check out Main Street! There are a ton of amazing places to visit, such as the Captured LV Escape Room and Spy Shop in the Main Street Plaza, where you can easily stop by one of the amazing restaurants, some of which offer a discount to Moravian students and staff if you can show them your Moravian ID. 

If you’re looking for somewhere a little further, there are rollerskating (Bethlehem Skateaway) and ice skating (Steel Ice Center) places not too far from campus, along with axe-throwing (Angry Jack’s Axes) if you’re willing to take that risk on a first date. I was, and I killed it. 

If you’re looking for a free date, I always recommend enjoying the natural scenery we were blessed with in the Lehigh Valley. One great option is Monocacy Trail Way, with no transportation needed if located on South campus (if on North, just shuttle on over – or walk if it’s nice out!) 

Some museums also have free admission days, such as Martin Guitar Factory, Museum, and Visitors Center, The Allentown Art Museum, and The Kemerer Museum of Decorative Arts, which is free on Saturdays.

Now, on to the actual date: what do you do to make a good impression? Well, if you’re like me, try not to get sick and cancel the first few because you cannot. get. over. this. sickness. But, besides that, try to be on time. I always like to give a few minutes of a buffer on an ETA just in case I run into traffic, and I always account for having extra time to get ready in case someone happens to hop into the shower when I want to. 

I would suggest confirming a location for the date prior to going out; save the surprises for once you get to know them. Imagine you try to surprise them with Mexican food and that is your date’s least favorite food – it probably wouldn’t be awesome.

Dress in a way that reflects your style; don’t try to be someone that you’re not or else you’re preparing your date to be confused or let down in the future. And, consider the location when you are dressing. I was going to wear nice platforms to my first date until I realized I would literally be throwing axes, and sneakers would probably be more suitable.

Throughout the date, be yourself, share your passions and values, and actively listen to your date’s stories and interests. Find out if they are someone you would be willing to go out with again! 

Remember that how you act on your date reflects upon you. Good manners are always appreciated; I wish I didn’t have to tell this to adults, but always tell the workers you come in contact with “please” and “thank you.” 

On one recent date, I felt like I was overcompensating for the person I was with since he would never say thank you to any of the food workers. It honestly just irked me, especially as someone who used to work in that field. He also complained about everything and just rubbed me the wrong way since I felt the service was great, and I previously told him it was one of my favorite places to eat, so just keep that in mind. 

And, of course, be polite to your date, including putting away your phone to give your full attention. I always suggest opening their doors, and if you’re feeling extra chivalrous, pull out your date’s chair at the restaurant. Recently, my first date got out of the car to open the door for me and brought me flowers, and it honestly just changed my entire perception of the entire future date in such a positive manner. Feeling like your date puts some sort of effort beforehand just makes you feel valued. 

And I advise all my friends of this before they go out: always have an exit strategy ready. I like to use the excuse of my cat getting hurt if I’m extremely uncomfortable, but if you feel safe, feel free to just be honest and say you don’t think there’s a spark for another date. First dates are always nerve-wracking, and I feel like I might puke every time I go on one, but it’s important to remember your date is probably feeling the same exact way. Just be in the moment, enjoy the experience, and keep an open mind to the possibilities ahead! 

As always, thanks for reading the column! If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to fill out the Google Form, reach out to my email at [email protected], or comment below.

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