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Praise of the Week: Catering Services

Photo by Liz Kameen.

When walking around our campus, you will likely see at least one person from the event-planning umbrella. Whether it’s Catering setting up, decorating, and moderating the food, or an event-tech offering to move a few boxes to help out some club’s event, these people work their butts off. 

For context, I’m finishing up my internship for the 2024 Moravian Writers’ Conference: “Write to Explore,” and I had a lot of contact with everyone involved with planning and going through with events on both North and South campuses, so I saw first-hand how much these people care about hosting a successful event and helping out all the planners. But, the one group that always catches my attention at events is the Catering crew. 

Let me start with David; holy cow, this man is the PATRON SAINT of catering! He is possibly the sweetest person I have ever met, and during the Conference, he made sure that everything was running exactly the way we wanted it to – all with the biggest smile I’ve ever seen. He was constantly telling me that I was doing a great job, and his reassurance meant the world to me after three days of working on an event.

At every event I have ever been to with Catering present, they have been so helpful. It seems like they truly care about every event running as successfully as they can; they focus on the presentation, taste, and customer service aspects of the service, all with a smile. And the food is delicious! At SpringFest, I unfortunately did not get to try the Mac and Cheese, but I heard raving reports about it – and those pork sliders? Had me DROOLING! 

And, I have an awesome story about David – one of my sliders fell off my plate, and of course, I did the thing where I just sadly stared at it for a moment. But, no fear, David comes out of nowhere to clean up my sandwich mess on the floor and tells me to immediately get another one and not worry about it. And, this kindness is evident throughout all of the Catering staff. One time, I walked into their office in Memorial when I was looking for a different building, and they all just laughed with me and directed me to the right place without making me feel bad about it. 

And now, I leave it to Todd to take it away! 

If Moravian would allow me to get a degree in Catering Studies, I guarantee that the Catering staff would give me the best education of my lifetime. As a gracefully retired member of the Moravian Activities Council, I have had my whole college career’s worth of amazing experiences with the Catering crew!

Each and every one of them gives it their all to ensure that every campus event has that added flair of a good meal. With Pat Hartigan at the mantle leading everyone to success, Moravian Catering stays on top. Pat, I thank you for the many random ideas that MAC has had for event food and your quick thinking that keeps the organization afloat. 

However, it’s not just Pat’s catering excellence that makes the staff special. I have had lovely experiences personally with Nicole, Rick, and of course, David! Even to this day, when they’re not preparing unforgettable experiences, they’re amazing smiling faces that I always seek an opportunity to see when wandering about campus. Not a time has passed where I haven’t seen Rick or Nicole on campus and we haven’t gone out of our way to at least say hi! 

Great people, great food, great versatility … what more can you ask for? MU’s Catering Crew celebrates the joys of campus events alongside the student body. I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing events alongside them: cabarets, award ceremonies, and community celebrations are but a few of the times I’ve gotten to know them better and thrive within the environment they love. Stay awesome, my catering friends! Your impact on this campus, and I guarantee you it’s not just in our experiences, does not go unnoticed. <3

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