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Playing ‘Dragon’s Dogma 2’ as an OG Fan

Image from Steam.
Image from Steam.

Among fans, it was unknown whether or not the niche fantasy title, Dragon’s Dogma, would ever get a sequel. As DD1 came out only a year after Skyrim, it was hugely overshadowed by Bethesda’s success in the field; despite being a brilliant open-world fantasy ARPG (with much better fighting mechanics), the world of Dragon’s Dogma was still pushed aside in Skyrim’s fame. After all these years passed, I’ll tell you this: I am unbelievably happy to be able to actually be writing this.

For my return to the Dragon’s Dogma universe, I was introduced to the new worlds of Vermud and Battahl in place of Gransys, the original’s world. Though these lands to roam are new, I can see the echoes of Gransys in Vermund. The distinct foliage such as curative plant Greenwarish sprouts throughout Vermundian verdure alongside assortments of colorful plantlife, all through countrysides very reminiscent of Gransys. However, as I have only just illegally crossed the Vermund-Battahl border by hiding in an oxcart, I cannot tell you much about Battahl’s desert-scapes.

Enemies are amusing as always, from returning packs of goblins (not as chaotic as DD1, unfortunately) to the brand-new sphinx who bewitches you with riddles. It’s fun to take them down with DD’s awesome fighting mechanics, but–I’ve gripes regarding combat.

Dragon’s Dogma always had some riveting combat, but some of the sequel’s changes aren’t great. There are fewer special attack slots. In the original game, there was more variety regarding attack types/abilities. You can equip 4 unique attacks in the sequel, but in the original, that number was doubled. As there are myriad innovative, fun attacks, players shouldn’t be restricted to half! It greatly limits variety on the battlefield and lots of combat potential. That’s my biggest grievance–my second biggest regards the Sorcerer class. 

As someone who grew up on DD1 and other fantasy games, I always thought that DD1 had the most badass witchery in any game. 7-year old me casting High Bolide, which rained meteors from the sky, was riveting. 2 doesn’t make you rivet. In DD1 there was more diversity in spell types. While sorceries such as Levin and Frigor make their merry return with the same nature they had in the OG game, the creativity, power, and otherworldliness present in the magic of DD1 is lacking. The magic’s design and the manner of attack is much blander. Also, some of the most insanely potent spells such as Maelstrom and Bolide have gotten nerfed.

Oh, and sorcerors can no longer bonk enemies with their staves. It’s the worst.

Moving on from combat, more of my mithering is all about health: the loss gauge system. In combat, if you take too much damage before you heal, your max capacity HP is decreased until you rest at an inn/campfire. So, if you’re getting absolutely ganked by enemies and have no chance to heal, your max health bar can essentially get cut in half. With constantly running out of stamina, an issue I’ve had since the first game, this is especially annoying. 

My last personal semi-complaint is that fast traveling is still somewhat of a chore. Ferrystones and Portcrystals make their return. The stones are consumed to fast-travel to areas called Portcrystals. Some Portcrystals are permanent, and you can obtain a few of your own moveable Portcrystals as well to place around the map. Since Ferrystones are consumable, traveling can be somewhat irksome, but it makes you think twice about where to go. The sequel also introduces oxcart travel systems. You pay drivers to take you places, so you needn’t toil by walking by yourself. You might have minibosses on the way, but it saves time!Though DD’s fast travel is more complicated than other games, it isn’t the worst thing in the world.

Even though there are some things I’d like to change about the game, I think that Dragon’s Dogma 2 is a great long awaited sequel. Not every fan can have their wishes nor can the games be perfect, we’re lucky to have it at all. Most complaints that I’ve read about were about microtransactions.Such outrage was ridiculous. Trying to kill a game’s hype because of MTX, something that its developer used for its other games, like Resident Evil games or Street Fighter 6, only for no one to care about those titles is ridiculous! 

From here on: positive rave! Armor/weapon designs are as awesome as they were in DD1! And, and, men can wear “pretty” outfits too! In DD1, items such as the silk lingerie were exclusive to women. No more! Men in DD2 can wear DD2’s version of silk lingerie (Ranger Tights), sexy waistcloths, AND the Charming Corset! You can make all your male characters into gorgeous Epicurean icons! Yaaaaaay!

Dyes also make their return to the game! You can have colorful hair and skin. There is so much creative beauty that I’ve seen in Dragon’s Dogma, and tech advancements allow rendering curly hair more possible. New unique armor styles are carefully crafted  to make a splendid fantastical look. 

So–Dragon’s Dogma 2! I think it’s a great game and a fun sequel. To the people thinking of giving it a try–go for it! It’s true to the original, enjoyable to play-an entertaining experience overall. Conclusion as an OG fan? Big thumbs up!


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