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Student Spotlight: Julianna Thompson

Photo by Catherine Forrester.
Photo by Catherine Forrester.

Julianna Thompson is a junior student at Moravian University, pursuing a degree in Psychology (BA) and a minor in education and music performance. She is a 26-point student ambassador, which has allowed her to engage in a variety of on-campus events with the help of the Office of Student Admissions. In her studies, Thompson is focusing on a variety of topics including the psychology of the mind and its impact on disabled individuals, while also furthering her knowledge about music performance and education/classroom practices. Her interest in psychology stems from her goal of becoming a school psychologist and wanting to make a difference and support more individuals like herself – individuals who are neuro-diverse and disabled – in the future. Recently, Thompson had the opportunity to expand her skills in education as she worked alongside head director and teacher Erin Vavra at a Child’s Choice – A Montessori School for her spring student field placement. Upon the completion of her undergraduate studies, she intends to graduate early with the class of 2025, hopefully, take a trip to Japan during the May term with Dr. Kin Cheung and Dr. Huijing Wen, apply to graduate school to further expand on her knowledge of school psychology and progress towards her dream career. 

How are you involved on campus?

I work as a 26 Point Student Ambassador and in the music department. I am also involved as the president and social media coordinator for Tabletop Club. I am in the Moravian University Marching Band and Wind Ensemble Librarian. Next semester, I will be the co-brass captain for the Moravian University marching band. 

 What is your proudest accomplishment at Moravian?     

My proudest accomplishment while at Moravian is how much I have grown as an individual. Throughout my time here, many of my skills, including communication, socialization, time management, and much more, have greatly improved, and I am overall very impressed and proud of the person I have become thus far. 

Why did you choose to come to Moravian?

I chose to come to Moravian because it is a smaller school where students could have the opportunity to develop close connections with faculty, staff, and peers. Coming to Moravian, I was not going to be just another student among the crowd; I was going to be recognized and cared for when I was here.

What are your hobbies and passions?

Art (including painting, crocheting, sewing, etc. ), music, photography, baking, reading, watching movies, building Legos, and spending time and trying new things with friends and family.

What is your major? Why did you pick it?

My major is psychology, and my minors are education and music performance. Going through high school and up to the present day moment, many of my peers, closest friends, and family members cope with various psychological medical conditions and disabilities. Through my own experiences and observations, I realized there isn’t adequate support and plans in place in the education system to support children who are disabled and/or have psychological medical conditions (ex. ADHD, Autism, etc.). I choose to pursue psychology, with an education minor, to hopefully one day make a difference and provide the support the next generation of students need. My goal is to become a school psychologist so that in the future I can help students of all kinds receive the accommodations and support they need to be supported and successful in everything they want to achieve.

Music Minor: I have been playing flute for roughly 14 years. Music is such a strong passion that my college experience would not be complete without music in it. With the flexibility of my schedule, I was able to pick up and acquire a music minor. 

What’s a little-known fact about you?

During high school, I did a special dual enrollment program for first-generation students. Therefore, I graduated high school with both my high school diploma and my associate’s degree in social sciences at the same time. I am hearing impaired and have ADHD, as well as Ménière disease with migraines. I may not directly show it all the time but I am a huge nerd/geek. 

Favorite professor? Favorite class?

Out of all the classes I have taken, my favorite professor is Sara Baer, and my favorite class is photography. 

What is your favorite thing to eat on campus?

There are so many things I love getting while on campus. My favorite campus food is the tater tot bowl from the B&G, and my favorite drink is a Dragon Fruit lemonade refresher from Delights. 

Where do you go to study or do homework?

There are lots of places I like to go around campus. However, my top two favorite places to study/do homework are either the porch/basement of Main Hall or the 3rd Floor of Sally. 

Anything else you would like to add?

I play a total of six different instruments.

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