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Senior Reflection: Todd Reedy

Photo by Moravian University.
Photo by Moravian University.

Starting one of these things is typically impossible for me. How can you expect me to encapsulate my college experience in an easily accessible and digestible way for Moravian’s community to read? You can’t trick me into thinking people are actually going to read what I have to say … haha … right … (hey if you’re reading this please comment something. You’re a Real One if you do.)

My college experience never really began until I was willing to take risks, and since I took that plunge for the first time, I never stopped taking those leaps into the unknown. All my Real Ones know I enrolled at Moravian wanting to be a German Studies major, and all of my Realest Ones know my happiness skyrocketed upon switching to environmental science. (Dr. Hildebrandt, if you’re reading this, this is not personal. YOU ARE AMAZING!) My very first risk was arguably the biggest one of them all, as it changed the direction of my life immensely.

That exploration into the unknown has allowed me to meet the most extraordinary people in my life. Listing all of these people would take forever, so I’m going to do it anyway because you’re sooooo interested in what I have to say! <3

  1. Dr. Woods: As if I haven’t shared my appreciation for you enough, you really were the catalyst who started it all. Without you leading my first forays into the world of enviro science, and beyond that, supporting my endeavors into sustainability and environmental education, I’m not sure where I would be now. Thank you for being an inspiration in my life.
  2. Dr. Proud: If Dr. Woods was the spark, you were the gallons of gasoline poured onto the flame to turn it into a bonfire. It was your higher-level bio classes that helped drive forward my knowledge and joys of ecological science. Excursions to the field, forays into scientific literature, and enriching conversations all led me right to your office, asking for support in applying to Jacobsburg EE Center. You shared the knowledge with me that prepared me for a career in environmental education, and with that, set me up for success.
  3. Dr. Husic: If Dr. Proud started a bonfire, then you accidentally kicked a log from underneath the structure, causing it to collapse, roll into a nearby forest, and start a wildfire. While a forest fire analogy is totally counterintuitive for the whole environmental message, you are undoubtedly the one who has supported me to become an unstoppable force in pushing forward environmentalism. How one person can be so full of wisdom and knowledge is still beyond me to this day, but not a single conversation between us has passed where I didn’t learn something new. 

If I just made a functional tier list of everyone I appreciate on this campus, this reflection would become a manuscript and my fire metaphor would raze the entire world. However, for all the people who have helped flourish my college experience, I appreciate you endlessly. (NAME DROPS AGAIN: Prof. Brandes, Dr. Aziz, Dr. Shari and Steve Dunham, Prof. Kompass, Dr. Naraghi, and Dr. Holliday) I’m so thankful to say that through all of your support, I’ll be able to continue my environmental dreams into graduate school. 

Alright, enough of the academics, I’m writing this for The Comenian so I’m going to gush about The Comenian. As a blanket thanks, I am endlessly grateful to you all for allowing me to express my interests and creative style through game and restaurant reviews, Morvian Community spotlights, and keeping it buck fifty about anything and everything. It’s been an insanely fun and rewarding outlet to share my creative thoughts, hobbies, and most importantly THAI THAI 2 WAHAHAHA THAI THAI ON TOP TOP!!!!

As baller as Thai Thai is, I bet you’ll never guess what’s more baller … 

That’s right, keep guessing … 

Have an idea yet? 

If you read my mind through the screen and guessed: “The best staff a Todd could ask for,” then you’d be right.

To the amazing Comenian staff, words cannot even begin to express my gratitude and appreciation for you all. Except, words are kinda the point of our entire organization, so they’ll have to do.

Revving it up with AJ: Dude … You’re such an inspiration. Your commitment to the things you love, your humor, and your demeanor to get the job done while keeping everyone’s best interests in mind are just a few of the things I’ll always admire about you. Amidst the perpetually late articles I send your way and the goofy interactions we always share, I appreciate you endlessly as a friend, and this past year I’ve gotten the opportunity to spend with you has been nothing short of an honor. Stay awesome, Dude: you’re doing some amazing things. 

Joel … Juicy Joel … Witness of the 05/01/23 Rizzler Incident … having to summarize our friendship to a paragraph is a crime. From the moment I met you, to the myriad of Wawa walks, running into each other for a chance encounter in Disney World, and staying up late to do some lore/trauma dumping, time spent with you is time I’ll always value. It’s rare to come by people as compassionate as you, and to say that I have you as a friend in my life is a statement I wear with a badge of honor. I partially owe it to you for my being a part of The Comenian Comenicrew, so just for that, I owe you a Wawa Shorti and a kiss on the cheek. Much love as always, Joel. 

Liz #Kameenian Stink Goop Fring. If I could personify the unbridled power of the sun and indomitable human spirit it would manifest as you. From the moment I met you at our USG inauguration leading up to our last late-night rant sesh, I knew I made a lifelong friend. You deserve the universe and eventually, I know the universe will stop giving you a Hecatoncheires’ worth of middle fingers. All of your hard work and passion toward what you love never go unnoticed, and I’m over the moon to have been able to see how far you’ve come and how far you’ll continue to go. Just don’t let Gus kill you in the meantime. 

Lola, despite only meeting you through The Comenian, you always know how to brighten a room. Through your honesty and energy that refuses to be snuffed out by anyone (especially not by any Swiftie haters), the Lola community STAYS WINNING!!! Always cheering you on from your corner dude!

Professor Harris … the spotlight’s on you now, although I know just how much you’d rather it not be. You’re the other piece of why I joined The Comenian in the first place. Since taking environmental writing with you, I knew that I didn’t want my experiences with you to end just yet. Few people have taken such an active role in ensuring that I can be the best I can be, and I thank you for being such a light not just in my life, but on this campus as a whole. Keep on being a genuine soul. I’m honored to share the same title of, “Thai Thai 2 Superfan,” with you.


Hanging up my reporter’s hat will be tough as I graduate literally next week, but until then, I’ll cherish the time I’ve shared with you all. Being welcomed with open arms like this comes rarely in life, so again, thank you all for an unforgettable time. Even when I’m gone, I’ll always be living in the walls of The Comenian office as your #1 EPA-certified lurker. And with that, I bid you all adieu. Peace out friends. <3

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  • D

    Dan ProudApr 27, 2024 at 9:55 am

    Todd, I also enjoyed our ecology field trips, and I appreciate your contributions to our classroom discussions. Thanks for bringing such positive energy to the classroom! You have a wonderful passion for environmental science. I’m thrilled that you will pursue a career in environmental education!

  • D

    Diane HusicApr 26, 2024 at 11:45 am

    Todd, You are too kind. I will roll with the wildfire metaphor! It has been a joy knowing you, watching you grow personally and professionally, hearing you sing (what a fantastic voice), and seeing your enthusiasm for all things Moravian and environmental. I can’t wait to see what is next.