Letter from the Editor: A Look at the Past Year and the Year Ahead

Dear Reader,

The Comenian would like to thank you for your support and readership this year. From political debates, lectures, faculty spotlights, and campus controversies, The Comenian has been there to cover it all and provide you with a platform to share your views and concerns.

This year, we revitalized the newspaper by going online, which has helped us to extend our outreach and publish fresh content every two weeks. By expanding our staff to include an array of creatives, we were also able to give you new content in the form of videos and picture slideshows..

Next year, we plan to be the same go-to source of news on all things Moravian, while also continuing to broaden our content and improve our coverage of current events. As a staff, we will also work to hone our writing, editing, graphic design, videography, and photography skills through workshops and guest speakers.

As The Comenian ends another successful year, I would like to thank the Campus community, the newspaper staff, and our faculty advisor, Mark Harris, for tirelessly dedicating their time to supporting and helping improve your student-run paper.

The Comenian welcomes your feedback and ideas for stories you’d like to see. We invite all writers, editors, photographers, and graphic designers to join us next year.

Thanks for reading!

Kaytlyn Gordon