Community Fair Brings Healthcare to the Forefront

Moravian College hosted a community-wide health fair at the Sports Medicine Rehabilitation Center and new Health Sciences Building on Sunday, Sept. 17.

The fair’s main goal was to provide information on how to lead a healthy life. Organizations such as Herbs to your Success, St. Luke’s University Health Network, and Hartzell’s Pharmacy were there to provide fair-goers with useful information and to answer questions.

“This event was an opportunity to showcase this beautiful and highly-functional building,” said Carole Reese, vice president of planning and research. “It helped to make the outside community more aware of Moravian College’s role in shaping future leaders in the health sciences.”

The event hosted speakers who offered helpful tips on leading a healthy lifestyle.

Susan Bostian, Ph.D., of Integrative Holistic Health, talked about holistic health and the benefits of essential oils in a talk that focused on the 10 oils that every home should have.

Attendees of the fair were able to get their blood pressure taken. They could also try out state-of-the-art physical therapy equipment, including the ALTER G Anti-Gravity Treadmill and the Biodex Balance System.

The event provided tours of the Health Sciences building and offered guests samples from the brand new DeLight’s Cafe.

“Moravian College will always be interested in hosting events which engage our students, faculty, staff and the outside community,” said Reese. “I expect that this beautiful building will be the site of other meaningful events.”