New Clewell Dining Hall Mostly Excites Students

While students were relaxing and enjoying Winter break, Clewell Dining Hall on South Campus was undergoing a massive reconstruction. Upon returning, students were greeted with updated food options and a revamped image.

I, along with many other students, enjoy the new Clewell. The space in the main dining hall feels more alive, a big improvement over the dreary white walls that many of us were used to seeing. 

The previous decor felt so uninviting that sometimes I was reluctant to even go, because the cold and empty space didn’t help my appetite. Now bright blue walls bring life to Clewell.

The changes in seating are also an improvement, with high tops, booth seating, and family-style tables, which varies how people can eat with one another without feeling so closed in.

The renovation also brought new ordering kiosks to the space which are similar to the ones used in the Blue & Grey Cafe’ on North Campus. This makes organizing made-to-order food easier on  the staff and ordering less of a hassle for students.

The kitchen also got an upgrade, with the new ordering system and food quality being the most notable features. People whom I have spoken with about the changes say that the quality has definitely improved. The food seems fresher, especially the made-to-order options, which are popular in Clewell dining.  

The addition of the convenience store is also welcome, because it gives students easy access to quick late meals, even after the kitchen shuts down.

Even with all of these fantastic improvements, there still are some grievances that students have about the new Clewell.

Many of the students that I interviewed miss the hot breakfast that was once served in Clewell.

I still want them to serve hot breakfast instead of only bagels every day for students who live on South and can’t go up North in time for classes,” said Sara Weidner, ‘18. “Literally any music student is unable to get a hot meal on South campus for breakfast, which is still unacceptable.”

Limited food options are another issue. Clewell has begun offering more healthy foods, but Patrick Martin ‘19 would like to see more, complaining that the healthy options are still limited to salad, pasta, and the occasional vegetarian dish.

Although some students still have complaints about the new Clewell Dining Hall there have been numerous  improvements that help make students’ dining experience much more enjoyable.

With the updated look, new food options, and better quality, I know that I will come more often to enjoy the revived experience Clewell offers.