Rant: Health Center Isolation


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Photo via Wikimedia Commons under Creative Commons License.

Getting sick as a college student is one of the worst experiences. You are stuck in your room without a caretaker. Luckily, Moravian has an excellent health center that allows students to get professional care from trained doctors and nurses.

However, that only helps if you live on North Campus.

For people who live on South, like myself, healthcare is limited. You are required to take care of yourself, or if you are lucky, have a friend help you.

Moving around while sick can cause major problems, and you have to pray that you have enough medical supplies to get you through whatever ails you. When you’re hit with illnesses like strep throat, which needs specific antibiotics, going to a doctor or hospital may be your only option.

A few weeks ago, I was sick in my dorm bed with the flu and only had Ibuprofen and NyQuil to combat my symptoms. I woke up on Monday morning with my body aching so much that I couldn’t get up.

That meant I couldn’t make the trek up north to the Health Center.

I had to suffer the entire day, with no real means of fighting the flu effectively. It wasn’t until the following day that I was able to get the healthcare I needed and make sure I was no longer contagious. It was an awful experience, and one that made me realize that there needs to be some form of accessible healthcare for students living on South Campus.

I did learn later that there is a mobile healthcare service run by St. Luke’s Hospital. It’s a mobile app called Care Anywhere, which offers healthcare consultations by video for a fee.

But the service has not been well-publicized and so is not well-known around campus.

A better option for all Moravian students? Open a small health center on South Campus, perhaps in the unused space once occupied by the Root Cellar.

Our campus has good healthcare. But it’s not right that students on North Campus have better access to it that those of us who live on South.