Jonathon Fiore: Finding a Home at Moravian


It is hard to imagine that four years have passed since I arrived at Moravian, and almost two have passed since I joined The Comenian. A lot has changed, and to be honest, I wouldn’t recognize who I was four years ago. I was a recent high school graduate starting over again in a new school and didn’t know a single person. This was a shock since at home, I saw the same people everyday. At Moravian I was the new kid, but at least I wasn’t the only one.

Nevertheless, at Moravian I learned something new each year. This not only includes what I learned in my classes, but more personal lessons that I received as a person.

Freshman year, I was bright-eyed and innocent to the reality that was college and living in the Bernhardt-Wilhelm dorm. The dorm itself was an interesting bunch if you count hearing screaming at 3 A.M or destroyed property. It was a struggle to make friends in the same year as me. It was also a struggle trying to find the right ones. It takes time, patience, and in my case, trial and error. Making friends in my classes was a bit easier. Common interests breeds the beginning threads of friends, but still be careful. This could end with your being accused of cheating on a final and acting like a lawyer to prove your innocence. Though the innocence is gone, I gained something greater from it: true friends.

Sophomore year, I became older and wiser than before. This was the year I learned what I wanted to do, and buckled down to begin making my dreams a reality. The professors in the English department guided me, enlightened me to what I was capable of, and brought my head down from the high clouds that I drifted into. They were there to help me, and they do their best to prevent their students from failing.

Junior year, I was content with where I was going  but not in the direction I imagined My classes all seemed to limit what I could do with what degree I would receive in the end. However, it shouldn’t stop you from doing what you love. You may never know, but some classes will give you the chance to talk about the things you love; some of mine did. There were even times I talked about video games for projects and used them as topics for papers. I learned that while it may be hard to do, you shouldn’t limit yourself because your interests aren’t common research topics.

Senior year was my last stretch into the real world. It’s the last instance of schooling unless graduate school is your next destination. It all passed by quickly since there were so many things I wanted to do and see. However, as time has passed me by, I learned to just enjoy the limited time I have here. It already has been a busy year for me, but I’ve been sharing so many moments with friends. I’ll have memories that will last me a lifetime and friends to cherish. So enjoy the time you have and have fun. Don’t have any regrets.