The New Moravian Bookshop Revealed

If you’ve been downstairs in the HUB recently, you’ve probably noticed that the massive space, previously known as the Bookstore, is bare, occupied only by a few lonely boxes and signs posted on the windows, proclaiming, “We’ve moved!”

The reason for this empty space is that the Moravian College Bookstore has merged with the historic Moravian Book Shop on Main Street. The change was announced last April, amidst backlash from some Moravian students and Bethlehem community members.

Some feared that the integrity and historic value of the Book Shop would diminish after the College bought it and handed the management over to Barnes & Noble.

Despite the scrutiny, Moravian College officially purchased the Moravian Book Shop in June, according to Lehigh Valley Live. To the relief of many community members, it seems that much of the Book Shop has stayed the same.

The revamped Book Shop is comprised of three main parts: the traditional bookstore, where customers can browse an assortment of literature; a textbook section, where students can now purchase books for class; and a gift shop, which offers merchandise and apparel.

The bookstore side has remained virtually untouched since the ownership changed hands. Returning customers can still peruse a selection of popular books from variety of genres, including children’s literature.

Upon walking into the gift shop side, customers will notice that many of the trinkets and gifts for sale have vanished, replaced by Moravian College sweatshirts and T-shirts. Customers will also notice that part of the bookstore is barren, as the College is still working to refurbish the store.

The section of the store previously occupied by Christmas decorations is now home to college textbooks, replacing the Bookstore that was once housed in the HUB. Any student in need of a book for class can take the shuttle to a new stop in front of the bookstore.

General manager Larry Davis stated that the new store is a “marriage” of both the Moravian College Bookstore and the Moravian Book Shop. There is still an abundance of Moravian stars and gifts for sale among the college apparel. A selection of Christmas decorations remain for sale, too, along with new additions still in the works.

There are also plans to bring small dining options back into the Book Shop, according to Michael Corr, Moravian’s director of marketing and communications. If all goes according to  plan, the empty space could be filled by a deli or café, although nothing is set in stone yet.

The Moravian Book Shop hopes to have their grand re-opening on Nov. 1, as part of a tentative renovation schedule.