Dorm Remedies: 5 Easy Ways to Stay Healthy During the Cold Season

Pro-Tip 1: Use Lysol Wipes

Wipe down your door handle, your light switch, your dresser drawers, even your desk. You do not know where people were before they visited you in your room. One of the best ways to stay healthy is to prevent sickness, and purchasing a cheap bottle of Lysol Wipes may just do the trick.

If you do not believe me, check this out:   

Pro-Tip 2: Wash your hands

People laugh at me, but I never eat food without first washing my hands. However, that’s not enough.

Think about it. Let me set the scene: imagine you’re in the bathroom, washing your hands, feeling good about staying healthy. Then, you happily exit the bathroom and head towards The Star, going back to eat delicious food and relax with your friends.

  • Gross observation #1: You touched the door handle on your way out of the bathroom. Do you know how many people do not wash their hands before exiting? Gross!
  • Gross observation #2: The handle you touched to get your food, after washing your hands, was touched by the twelve people standing in line in front of you. They definitely did not wash their hands after coming back from sweating profusely at practice (no offense, non-NARP friends). Gross!
  • Gross observation #3: When you went back to your friends, you put your silverware down on the dirty table. Your utensils, which will be going into your mouth, are basically touching other people’s utensils that were in their mouths with their chewed-up food. Gross!

So remember, when you wash your hands:

  • Already have your food waiting for you on your table.
  • Take an extra paper towel and use the towel to open the bathroom door.
  • Do not let your silverware touch the table. Always put them on top of a clean napkin.

Pro-Tip #3: Use a humidifier or diffuser

Although I know it’s currently a popular trend, using the peppermint or lavender diffuser really does help your mood, whether it’s in reality or in your imagination. Therefore, if diffusers can help your mood, they can obviously help get rid of illnesses.

Purchasing the diffuser and using different aromatherapy oil blends to support your immune system may be helpful to keep you healthy and energized. Here are some basic recommendations of essential oils with their proposed remedies:

  • To eliminate mental fatigue: bergamot, jasmine, rosemary
  • To sleep better: lavender, chamomile, frankincense, sandalwood
  • To relieve sickness: vetiver, ylang ylang, wild orange

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Pro-Tip #4: Eat lots and lots of chicken-noodle soup

This homeopathic remedy makes you not only feel like being at home but it can also brighten your spirits. When it’s a cold day and your throat hurts, there is nothing like that feeling of sipping some warm soup. And if you’re in the mood to add some crackers, that just makes it extra delicious. There’s really not much to say about this other than it works. The next time you feel down, just eat soup.

Pro-Tip #5: Clean your cell phone

Seriously. This one is so imperative. Do you know exactly where your cell phone has been in one day? How about in one hour?

Let me set the scene: You’re at work. You work at an animal shelter, of course, and you love to take some cute pics with those fluffy pooches. Then you text your friend Becky that yes, in fact you will be back in time to do some study work at the library. You hop in the car, stop at Wawa to get some coffee and refill that tank of yours, and park the car. When you get to the library, you realize you really have to go to the bathroom, so you drop your stuff with Becky and head to the downstairs bathrooms — the, duh, private ones. You remember you need to text Seany <3 about dinner later, so you quickly whip out the phone before finishing up on the toilet. You then wash your hands (yes of course you’re a clean person, how dare anyone else think differently!), and head back to study.

Okay. Let’s review:

  • Animals. You touched the animals and then touched your phone.
  • When you were at Wawa, you touched money for the coffee and you touched the gas nozzle. Do you even know who was touching those things before you were?
  • Using the phone while in the bathroom. I know this is something a great deal of people do these days, but have you ever stopped and thought: I wash my hands after going, but do I wash my phone? No. The answer is no. And that’s gross.

Therefore, as if this was not a logical enough point, your phone 100% needs to be cleaned. Use a wipe, use a damp paper towel. I don’t care how, just clean it.

This article might help:

Overall, I feel that you would be surprised to know that the best remedies when feeling sick are not actually things for when you’re sick. They are how to prevent you from getting sick. Take it from me, as one who has yet to miss one academic class (as a senior) due to illness: this is definitely the way to avoid getting sick as well as getting over an illness.

Boom. You can thank me later.