The Comenian’s Tips for Class Registration: How to Save Time, Money, and Energy


Emma Miller

Mariah Guarin attempts to plan out her schedule for next semester.

  1. Ask upperclassmen for advice on which classes to take. Chances are they will know both  the good ones and the ones you’ll wish you had avoided.
  2. Consult department chairs. They often know what classes will be offered before they appear on AMOS. Department chairs can also help you get into full classes and set up independent studies.
  3. When coming up with your schedule, work with professors who teach in your intended major’s department. (Seems like either a no-brainer or too much work, but it is imperative. I’m talking to you Freshmen!)
  4. Make sure, be absolutely 100% positive, that you are taking the classes that are needed for your major. If you have a course-intensive major, taking the wrong class may put you behind, and playing the catch up game is never fun.
  5. Check the course prerequisites.
  6. Get advisor approval beforehand (clearance to go).
  7. When registering, go to a building that has reliable WiFi, such as the library or HUB.
  8. On the day of registration, don’t log into AMOS before 7:00 a.m.
  9. Write your course codes down in advance on a Post-it note and stick it to the inside of your computer.
  10. Even if a course is full, show up to class on the first day. A student may have decided to drop the class and/or the professor may sign you in.