Moravian College Theatre Company Spotlight: Jillian McLuhan


Jillian McLuhan ’20

Jillian McLuhan is a junior studio art major and an active member of the MCTC.

What is your role within the company?

I’m the manager of the Allison Diamond Gallery and lounge connected to the Arena Theatre. I coordinate with directors of full productions to have a gallery exhibit set up during their show. I’m a member of the company, so I participate in productions as often as I can. This semester, I’ve been able to help with construction aspects of the Haywagon Stage. I plan to assist with future productions and audition for the spring semester’s set of shows.

What was your favorite production that you were involved in?

I think my favorite production I was involved in was “Boeing Boeing” in 2017, during my freshman year. I was able to be the best character ever, Berthe, and perform my own attempt at a French accent. I had such a fun time with the cast and crew of this show. Every rehearsal was fun and productive.

How has being part of the company shaped you as a person?

It’s really improved my skills as an actor, introduced me to more options to participate in theatre, and strengthened my confidence to speak in front of people. I’ve been challenged to step out of my comfort zone and make decisions that affect everyone involved. I’ve become a more outgoing person and someone who is comfortable in a theatre setting.

What would you say to people who are looking to get involved in theatre at Moravian?

I would tell them to take a chance and do it! The Moravian College Theatre Company has given me some great opportunities to grow as a thespian. The community aspect of our company is strong and supportive. I feel so welcomed by the company and I’ve made so many lifelong friends because of my involvement.  MCTC isn’t a competitive environment. We encourage each other to better ourselves and better our skill set.