Daniel Roebuck Discusses Bethlehem and Its Appearance in his New Movie


Emma Miller

Daniel Roebuck discusses his career in Hollywood and future projects with Dr. Joel Nathan Rosen.

Inside the Moravian Studio, presented by the Director of Marketing and Communications Michael Corr, presented another successful talk in Foy Hall on Oct. 30 with famous Bethlehem native Daniel Roebuck.

The discussion, which mostly revolved around Roebuck’s experience as a public figure in the media industry, was very informative as well as entertaining. Roebuck told many personal stories about casting characters for his films, the struggles of getting a film’s backdrop just right, and how difficult it can be to act in and direct a movie at the same time.

Roebuck discussed at length the reasons he chose Bethlehem as the setting of his independent movie “Getting Grace,” which will be available for purchase on DVD Nov. 6. He said it was deeply connected to his childhood and was a perfect background for a movie about community and making the most of one’s life.

Roebuck told stories about reaching out to the members of the community to shoot scenes for the movie in their houses, businesses, and backyards. He mentioned how one of the movie’s central locations, a funeral home, was filmed inside one of the city’s best-known funeral homes. He even told a story about how he had to knock on a stranger’s door and ask to borrow a garden hose to simulate rain to make sure that the pivotal scene of the movie came out just right.

“The three hoses we were using just weren’t working,” said Roebuck. “So I knocked on this random man’s door, telling him all about the movie and who I was, before I asked if I could borrow his hose. He then proceeded to tell me water is expensive.”

The anecdotes and local stories he told were fascinating and intriguing, especially since they were all based around local and historical landmarks the community knows well.

After the interview concluded, the discussion was opened up to the audience. Many aspiring actors and actresses were a part of the crowd, and they asked about the different acting methods that Roebuck preferred, how he found opportunities on television and in films, and how to stun directors with the perfect audition.

Roebuck was both helpful and encouraging with his responses, saying at one point that “It’s a lot of work and luck, but you can achieve your goal by being yourself and working hard.”

For more on Roebuck, his career, and his thoughts on Bethlehem and the film industry, read his Q&A with the Comenian.