How to Become a Self-Design Major

For the majority of Moravian students, declaring a major comes with a clear plan of coursework, classes, and future employment prospects.

However, this is not the case for all Moravian students. Some of them choose a slightly different path and self-design their major.

For those who are not familiar it, the process may seem confusing and somewhat daunting.

One of the first steps to check off when pursuing the self-design route is to speak with your current faculty advisor. Informing them will allow them to become involved and help move the process along.

Faculty advisors can help look at the courses offered and suggest those that apply to your specific interests. If faculty advisors are unaware of the expected course needs of your particular field they will redirect you to another faculty member who is. Not only can faculty advisors assist you when it comes time to begin scheduling, but they can also direct you to the next step in the self-design process.

Academic advisors will help you weigh the pros and cons of certain courses. They can also provide career assessments and recommend hands-on experiences that will give you valuable exposure  to your field of study.

After consulting with you, your advisor will then direct you to the paperwork that must be filled out. Students can only access the paperwork once they have spoken to their advisor. The paperwork allows students to explain their major of choice and choose the courses they believe best fit their proposed major.

After the paperwork is completed it must be approved by the Academic Standards Committee. Once this step is complete, the committee will then assign a new faculty advisor that fits the new major.

There are several majors that students have designed themselves. Some of the most common are marketing, communications, and gender theory.

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