Student Pet Peeves


Professors. They’re here to help you learn and to enrich your academic experience, but there are some things they do that just really get under your skin. For those of you familiar with The Comenian’s segment, Professor Spotlight, you’ll know that professors are asked to share their biggest pet peeves about students. Now it’s time for students to share their pet peeves about professors.

  • “When they send out homework instructions or exam reviews at the last minute. Doing things last minute is the student’s job, not the professor’s.”
  • “When professors don’t list required field trips in the course descriptions on Amos, but then get annoyed when you can’t attend the trip that falls outside of regular class time.”
  • “When professors count you late when the shuttles are delayed.”
  • “Professors that assign a textbook and then don’t use it at all.”
  • “Some professors don’t know how to actually provoke a conversation in class. It leads to a lot of awkward silences.”
  • “When they don’t give a lot of practice problems and don’t explain topics fully.”
  • “When professors take points off of assignments for things that they didn’t explicitly ask you for.”
  • “When professors give you a split grade, like an A/A- or a A-/B+”
  • “When professors don’t answer emails promptly but still use email to assign last minute assignments that they get angry for you not seeing.”
  • “I hate when professors tell you not to change anything on an assignment and then still give you a low grade.”
  • “When professors don’t respond to your emails at all or take WEEKS to answer!!!!!!! It’s so irritating especially if something needs to be resolved right away.”