Alum Tom Turcich Walks World with Dog at Side

Since graduating from Moravian College in 2011, Tom Turcich has been on a five-year, seven-continent walk around the world with his dog, Savannah.

Turcich was inspired to take to the road after his close friend, AnneMarie, passed away in high school. The loss forced Turich to come to the realization that life is “something fragile and fleeting” he said, and that he “needed to make the most of the short time I had.”

Turcich began planning the big walk when he was 17 years old. He planned, saved, and worked while attending Moravian, where he studied philosophy and psychology. After college he went back home to Haddon Township, New Jersey, and entered the workforce, which allowed him to make enough money to pay off his student loans.

At the age of 26, Turcich embarked on his global journey with Savannah, whom he adopted as a puppy in Texas, a stop on his way to Mexico.

Turcich receives support for his expedition from Philadelphia Sign, a New Jersey-based company that manufactures signs for corporations. Because the owner knew AnneMarie, the company also donates one dollar for every mile Turich walks to a scholarship in her name.

Turcich also drew inspiration for his journey from Karl Bushby, another adventurer who walked around the world. As Turcich travels from country to country, he wheels around a cart that carries all the necessities he would need for camping and survival.

Turcich started the journey two years ago, walking from the U.S. to Uruguay, from Denmark to Spain, and across Algeria and Morocco. Currently, he has completely over 1,000 days of his walk and is strolling through Italy with his pup.

On his journey, Turcich has encountered tribulations, such as struggling to get Savannah across country borders and getting sick enough to have to pause his expedition. Turcich has had to persevere in order to make his vision come to fruition.

By the time he finishes, Turcich with be the seventh person to walk around the world. Savannah will be the first dog to ever do so.

As Turcich walks, he chronicles his travels through his Instagram account @theworldwalk.