Catch Ya at Cachette


As someone who doesn’t have much of a sweet tooth, I was initially hesitant when my roommate and I went to Cachette for dinner back in January.

The quaint restaurant, which is situated in the Historic Downtown Bethlehem, is connected to another popular restaurant called Tapas. Upon entering the building, customers have the option of ordering off one or both menus, expanding their meal choices.

Cachette specializes in crepes, both savory and sweet (you can order both gluten-free!), but they have other options like burgers and salads as well. When I realized this, I relaxed a bit, knowing that my dinner didn’t have to be sugar-filled.

I practically drooled reading over the The Californian (filled with mushrooms, red peppers, zucchini, gouda spinach dip, and smoky tomato aioli) and The Pacific crepes (filled with blackened salmon, sauteed spinach, and creamy dill sauce).

However, I still chickened out and opted for French onion soup as my entree. Although I slightly regretted my order when my roommate’s Le Poulet crepe (filled with roasted chicken, asparagus, gruyere cheese, and Bechamel sauce) came out, I appreciated my choice once I actually tasted my soup.

Cachette’s French onion soup is undoubtedly the best I have ever had, and I’ve had my fair share. My only qualm was that there was one giant piece of bread in the soup, rather than several smaller bites. This made it difficult to eat, given that you don’t picture yourself using a knife to cut up your soup.

After finishing it, I must admit that I wanted to try a crepe after seeing my roommate devour hers. I knew there was no way I’d be able to eat a whole crepe, so I opted for a sweet one, because Cachette offers half portions. Again, I’ve never had much of a sweet tooth, so I was ordering this crepe as a skeptic.

I ended up trying the Dark Side, a sweet crepe with dark chocolate, espresso cream, and Godiva dark chocolate liqueur. For a small extra fee, I added a scoop of ice cream.

Keeping in mind that I’ve traveled to France and sampled several amazing desserts, I convinced myself this crepe was not going to meet my standards. Boy, was I wrong. The dark chocolate was perfect for me since it isn’t as sugary as milk chocolate. Plus, as a huge coffee lover, the espresso cream was a must-have. I practically inhaled this crepe, and I wished my stomach was big enough to have had a whole portion.

Overall, Cachette surpassed my standards. It’s a fantastic restaurant with plenty of options, especially for those who are vegetarian or gluten-free. It takes a little longer than usual for your food to come out, but that’s only because they make all of the crepes fresh. It’s well worth the wait!

With reasonable prices and excellent food, Cachette is a restaurant you don’t want to bypass.