10 Tips from a Senior to Freshmen


A shot from Freshmen Orientation last fall. Photo Courtesy of: moravian.edu

Welcome Class of 2023! I hope you’re excited to begin your journey at Moravian!

I’m sure you’re experiencing tons of different emotions, so I compiled a list of ten tips to ensure your first year here is a fun and successful one:

Find a buddy in every class

This not only means you get a new friend, but it also equates to a study partner. Missed class and need the notes? Study buddy. Can’t make sense of this chapter’s reading? Study buddy. In my freshman year, I had a class that practically killed me. I made it out alive with the help of three other girls and our snack-filled study sessions. 

Join a club

My one regret is that I didn’t join a club my freshman year. While it’s easy for the first semester to overwhelm you, joining a club can mean maintaining your sanity. You not only make new friends and take part in something you enjoy, but it also gives you time to get your mind off schoolwork. 

Go to as many events as possible

Moravian is great when it comes to offering different activities, and many of them take place off campus. Medieval Times, Dorney Park, and Dave & Buster’s are just a few places. These events are all included in your tuition, so take advantage of them! Make sure to sign up as soon as the email comes out for these off campus trips because spaces are limited. 

Come to BINGO/WINGO events at least an hour early

These events are undoubtedly the most popular ones on campus and for good reason. Who doesn’t love endless wings and the chance to win awesome prizes like flat-screen TVs, PlayStations, and Apple Watches? That being said, make sure to come stand in line at least an hour before it begins because it gets packed quickly. 

Read the syllabus and chart out due dates in a planner/calendar 

I cannot emphasize this enough. Most professors remind you throughout the semester of important dates. Others will expect you to keep track of them yourself, so don’t let them sneak up on you! Each semester, I gather my syllabi and chart out due dates for the entire semester. This not only ensures that I’m on top of things, but I am able to see my work for all of my classes and plan accordingly. 

Don’t go crazy

This newfound independence is exciting! It’s easy to go crazy when you realize there are no parents to tell you what to do. However, don’t go overboard. Just because you can doesn’t mean you should. Have fun, but set limitations for yourself. 

Get to know your professors

Your professors are here to help you in any way possible, so get to know them! They have office hours for a reason. Whether it’s asking for extra help with classwork or popping in just to say hello, it’s nice to get to know your professors as people in addition to instructors. Plus, it makes taking their classes that much more fun and interesting. 

Register for classes immediately

As each semester passes, registering for classes gets easier because you gradually have priority over underclassmen. However, it can be extremely stressful and frustrating for freshmen because classes can fill up fast. On the day of registration, make sure to log on at 7:00am (ugh, I know) and register as quickly as possible. Write down your course codes beforehand so you can type them in instantly, and have backup classes ready just in case you don’t get your first choice(s).

Get used to the poorly timed fire drills

I swear, they happen at the least convenient times. It’s not uncommon for them to happen in the middle of the night. In my freshman year, I was in the shower when one happened, so I had to stand outside wrapped in my bathrobe with one leg shaved and shampoo in my hair before they let us back in. There isn’t much you can do other than have a sense of humor. 

Take a deep breath

Finally, take a moment for yourself periodically. Your first year in college can be overwhelming, so just remember to breathe. You may need to drop a class, reevaluate what you want to study, handle roommate problems, etc., and that’s okay. Just remember that you’re not alone and you will learn how to traverse college like a pro in no time.