10 Fall Activities To Do On and Off Campus


Four Moravian students visiting a local pumpkin patch to kick off the fall season. Photo courtesy of Emma Hutchman and Alyssa Flannery.

As fall approaches, you begin to break out the essentials: flannels, jeans, leggings, boots, sweaters, and hoodies.

What better way to show off these aesthetic clothing items than going downtown for a latté at a little coffee shop or picking pumpkins picking with a group of friends? Spoiler: there is none! 

There are so many things to do in Bethlehem, whether it is by yourself, with a group of friends, family, or your significant to get even more into the spirit of autumn. 

Five of my personal favorite locations to visit include the following: 

  • The Joint Coffee Co. located on Broad Street for a mid-day coffee run (my favorites are chai and lavender lattes)
  • Local farms (Seiple Farms, Unangst Tree Farms, etc.) for a day of pumpkin or apple picking
  • Monocacy Way trail for a nature walk
  • Exceptional brunch restaurants near campus (my two personal favorites being The Flying Egg and Jumbar’s
  • More local farms (the aforementioned ones or one of your choosing) to complete a corn maze

Most of these locales are within walking distance from north and south campus, but for the locations that seem a bit far, you can always find a friend with a vehicle on campus or call an Uber!

In addition to the fun off-campus activities, there are equally enjoyable things to do on campus for days where you do not feel like leaving the comfort of your dorm or the beautiful scenery and foliage on either campus. 

Five of my personal preferences for possible activities include the following:

  • Having a fall-themed baking day (my favorites to make are pumpkin bread with chocolate chips and the Pillsbury sugar cookies with the animations on them)
  • Purchasing some snacks from the Blue & Gray Café and having some friends over to your dorm or common room area to watch football games on TV
  • Putting on your best autumn attire and having a fall-themed photoshoot with your friends 
  • Having a scary movie night in your dorm to get in the spirit of Halloween
  • Attending Fall Fest on October 12 from 11:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. on the Academic Quad 

While these are just 10 of my favorite things to do as fall begins to settle in, there are tons of other events and activities to do all season long! Just grab your friends and find a new favorite!