Senior Reflection: Kudos to The Comenian


Brooke Santy, here reflecting on her years at the Comenian.

Professor Harris asked me to write for The Comenian my freshman year at Moravian College, and I remember immediately doubting my ability to contribute something that people would actually want to read.

The English department faculty, as well as current and previous editors and members of The Comenian, helped me gradually gain confidence in my ability to write and realize the value of every contribution to this platform.

The Comenian is a unique organization that gives any and all Moravian College students and faculty a means to express themselves and communicate through writing. It allows members of our community to stay connected and informed of happenings both on and off campus (including COVID-19, of course).

That being said, my contributions to The Comenian were few and far between due to my involvement with the women’s basketball team and my commitment as an education student, but I always made an effort to write as often as my schedule would allow. The Comenian is a special platform run by a special group of people who choose to spread light and positivity that I am proud to say I was a part of.

So for all these reasons plus more, thank you.

Brooke Santy is an English major with certification in childhood education.