Phi Alpha Delta Makes its Moravian Debut

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Phi Alpha Delta (P.A.D.),  the largest national pre-law and law fraternity, has just established itself at Moravian College. The executive board began recruiting in the sSpring semester of 2020 and the founding members will be initiated on November 17th. As the world’s largest law fraternity, established in 1902, and housing a diverse alumni base, they offer a variety of resources and opportunities for students studying pre-law. 

The P.A.D. executive board at Moravian has already been working to establish a student and alumni base. Notable alumni include U.S. Presidents like Taft, Wilson, and Clinton, four current Supreme Court Justices, and the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg, cabinet members like Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton, as well as a plethora of senators, governors, and prominent attorneys.

The club seeks to well prepare members for law school, the LSAT, leadership, and community involvement. The fraternity currently holds 24 members. They will volunteer in the community, hold various fundraising events, and have the opportunity to hear guest speakers and partake in pre-law specific foundational workshops. The national P.A.D. organization offers a variety of exclusive LSAT prep discounts. The LSAT is the law school admissions exam which typically costs $200 to take and estimated between $200 and -$3,000 in preparation materials, making discount codes and materials extremely valuable.  P.A.D. is a great opportunity for pre-law students to cultivate leadership not only because of the alumni base and variety of opportunities that it provides but also because membership can transition to law school with the member, known as the Senior Transition Program. 

P.A.D. also hosts national leadership training programs like the annual Pre-Law Conference and Leadership Summit. This year the event will be held virtually on November 5th and 6th for members. Considering the event will be held online, it is being offered at a discounted rate, and the law schools in attendance will be offering application fee waivers, negating the cost of the conference. 

P.A.D. maintains open membership throughout the year and accepts all interested students, not just law- specific students. The one-time national initiation fee is $125, and the yearly chapter fee is $25. Reach out to the club at [email protected], President Hannah Katz at [email protected], or Vice President Julianna Fedorich at [email protected] for more information or interest!