Final Editor’s Letter: Farewell, and Stay Strong


John Amos Comenius Statue sporting a mask to remind us to protect ourselves and others. Photo by: Mark Harris

Dear Readers,

As the weather begins to turn and we are all back home for the holidays to finish up this semester online, I wanted to give you all one final send-off as the editor-in-chief this semester.

This semester has been a unique one, and the Covid-19 pandemic has definitely made our school year interesting. However, in true Greyhound spirit, we all managed to pull through it (hopefully) in one piece. 

We were faced with some tough challenges, like having to navigate the different phases and tiers, being secluded to our rooms at the beginning and end of the semester, wearing masks around campus, and figuring out the new safety protocols in common spaces like the B and G, the Star, and the library. 

But overall, we managed to pull off an impressive semester. Our college, for the most part, continued to open gradually but safely to an almost normal level of activity. While we did return to a more restrictive phase in the last two weeks of the semester, we were lucky the other three and a half months to live life as normally as possible. 

And here at The Comenian, we made our most valiant effort to keep you all updated and connected, whether you were reading from home, your residence hall, a friend’s house, in isolation, or abroad. We worked tirelessly to continue to provide you all with interesting news, community stories, and need-to-know information about life at Moravian College and its community. 

And while many of our stories were a bit of a downer and focused on the virus and its drawbacks, we hopefully were able to keep an upbeat attitude with some more light-hearted and entertaining stories (if you really need a serotonin boost, look at our homepage for our new Critters of Moravian video series!)

So for all of our readers who stuck it out with us this semester and continued to rely on us for a source of all things Moravian, we sincerely thank you. 

And as all good things must come to an end, I am sad to say that my time on The Comenian staff as a writer and editor-in-chief has come to an end. My graduation is swiftly approaching in the next few days, and I am stepping down to bring in the next leader of our small but hardy team.

Samantha Riley, part of the class of 2021, has been a devoted and engaged reporter for us since she was also a freshman and has been voted in as our new leader of our paper. She will continue to provide you with relevant and quality news. 

With that, I want to thank all of my friends, peers, professors, and faculty friends who have helped me along my path in keeping this paper alive and thriving. Without the support of the community as both connections and resources, none of this would have been possible. 

And for all of those who have left such kind comments on our page, sent me emails about your appreciation for our paper and our team, and given me the in-person praise that I have received on behalf of our team, I thank you again. For me, I see our paper as a service to you all, and praise of our work tells me that we are doing our job. 

I am thankful for all the time I got to spend with The Comenian in the last three and a half years, and I will always look back on my time here with fond memories.  

And for all of those students, staff, and faculty returning in the spring, I hope you all have a wonderful and safe winter break, and a marvelous spring semester!

Yours always,