Editor’s Letter (3/19)


Photo courtesy of moravian.edu.

Dear Readers, 

Not the usual name you’d expect to see in the editor’s letter, huh?

Well, I’ve been given the honor of writing the editor’s letter for the 3/19 Comenian refresh, thus giving a much-needed and much-deserved break to our editor-in-chief Sam Riley. Sam works tirelessly to ensure The Comenian’s success, so being able to alleviate some of her workload was something I’m very happy that I could do.

Before getting into the lineup of exceptional works by our phenomenal staff, I want to say that I’m truly blessed and privileged to work with The Comenian as copy editor. 

Although I’ve only been part of the staff for a few months, I feel very welcomed by the incredible people with whom I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. As copy editor, I take special pride in being able to read and edit all of the pieces before they go live. I strive to make each piece the best it can possibly be, and when seeing the writing go from first draft, to revisions, and then finally to publication, I get a sense of catharsis from it. I look forward to continuing my time with The Comenian for the rest of my journey at Moravian College, and I hope readers continue to support me and my amazing colleagues along the way.

In this issue of the paper, we have part two of Sam’s interview with President Grigsby, which covers the topic of diversity, the College’s response to the Capitol riots, and more. Be sure to check out part one if you haven’t already, and look forward to reading part three when it drops in our next refresh!

We also have my story on the ten lessons that New York Times bestselling author Eric Weiner learned from the life and teachings of Rabindranath Tagore, a Nobel Prize-winning poet, activist, and philosopher. 

Two staples of our refreshes return with Anna Litofsky’s latest “Behind the Mask” comic, and Dominic Trabosci’s album review of “For Those That Wish To Exist” by Architects. Additionally, check out our Q&A with Dom in which he discusses the logistics of his review-writing process.

Liz Schwartz and TahLea Wright introduce Moravian’s new deans of diversity, Dr. Daisy Purdy and Dr. Nick Creary. Also, Grace Gilbert shares her interviews with two students who were previously quarantined to get an honest look at the positives and negatives of isolation.

Thank you for taking the time to read The Comenian!