Editor’s Letter (4/16)


Photo courtesy of Mark Harris

Dear Readers,

Thank you for checking out our second-to-last edition of The Comenian! It’s hard to believe that another successful semester at Moravian College (soon-to-be Moravian University) is coming to a close. 

With the end of classes coming up, and with some of our Hounds getting ready to enter the workforce or graduate schools, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed, overworked, and overburdened. The same proverbial fire that we had at the beginning of the semester may be slowly dwindling, or reduced to ash entirely, and admittedly, the same is true for me. This is why it is so vital to take a step back, relax, and breathe. 

We only have a limited amount of time per day as the end of the semester draws near, and with that in mind, we at The Comenian are especially grateful that our readers are choosing to spend their valuable time reading the fantastic works of our staff! 

Here’s some stories for your reading pleasure: 

Guest reporter Liam Mulligan writes about the 18th-century Moravians and their history of enslavement in the construction of Bethlehem, a fact seldom known by most residents. This dark discovery brings to light some truths about a group of individuals, who were believed to be quite progressive. 

A candid and emotional piece, Reporter Sierra Dittmar reflects on her Moravian journey, her personal battles with self-confidence and anxiety, and how she has grown as a person.  

Grab a speaker or some headphones for this next piece, because reporter Dominic Trabosci discusses a list of songs from many genres that helped him get through the arduous quarantine. You’ll want to add these to your Spotify playlist right away!

Our Editor-In-Chief Sam Riley writes about an art exhibition held by Moravian student, Garrett Flanagan. Read all about the exhibit and then admire the vibrant artwork that was on display at the event. 

A mainstay of The Comenian and wildly popular piece, Anna Litofsky presents another one of her wonderful, award-winning comics in “Behind the Mask”. 

Finally, reporter Annie McCarthy highlights Moravian’s chapter of Phi Eta Sigma, the oldest honor society in the U.S., which was fairly recently reinstated in 2018 after a hiatus. Learn about Phi Eta Sigma and more, including quotes from members, here. 

And there you have it! Another edition of The Comenian is in the books. I’d like to take a moment to thank our staff for their continued cooperation. I know the editing process can be a pain – and me especially when it comes to editing – but it’s so rewarding when the works are finally published. 

And of course, thank you to our readers for continuing to read The Comenian. You make all the hardships worthwhile! We hope that you continue to support us into our final edition for the 2020-2021 school year, and for many years to come.