Food for Thought: Students Sound off on Meal Plan Changes


Charlie Peeke, Sophomore

“I like the options of the meal plans, and I like the increase of dining dollars since we have to use them for more things this year. I like the varieties [the Marketplace has] for lunch and dinner – there are more food options, in addition to the sustainability table. [The touchscreen process] is not as scary as you’d think, and it’s taking longer than I expected for the whole system to get into a smoother routine.”


Julio Trejo, Junior

“I like the fact that you have control over what meal plan you are going to choose. It’s not like before when you lost your 20 swipes after one week. I don’t like the whole part of the dining dollar system where you can’t buy concession items like fruit snacks or gatorades. At the Marketplace, I like the food. There is more variety now. I don’t like the deli area anymore though because they have pre-made sandwiches now. I think the touchscreen process is a good idea, but it could use some help because it’s not as smooth as it should be. I don’t like the fact that they don’t start making the food until you buy it, which slows the process down so much. And the grill is so much slower because they only have one person back there.”


Kristen Parry, Freshman

“I do not think the Swipe & Dining Dollar system is an efficient way to go about buying food because a lot of the students are wasting a lot of money through swipes and it is kind of frustrating. For example, if I get something below the swipe amount, I can’t get anything that is a brand to make the most out of my swipe money. I want to be able to use my swipes instead of dining, but they don’t let you. I don’t think the process is fair to the students and Moravian is making it more complicated for themselves. I like that there is a variety of food in the Marketplace because I am so used to eating healthy, it is hard to adjust to college food. The sustainable table food can be trusted for being a little bit more healthy though, so I like it better. I really like the omelet station. I like the touchscreen process in the Blue and Grey, I don’t know how it was run last year, but I feel like it’s a very slow process of doing things. I would like the touch screen if it didn’t make everything so slow.”


Shane Hanson, Junior

“In terms of Swipe and Dining, I think it’s an inhibitor for students. Since students could purchase more options, [it makes them] more dependent on using their swipes, but limited in the stance that we can’t double swipe. No true balance of how to do it, because if you do swipe then it’s over by however much. The touchscreen system could be a little bit more effective. I like how they are trying to shift to a Wawa aspect, but if I put in my order before someone and they get in line before me, it’s not fair in a sense that I would have to wait longer to get my food even though I ordered first. I think whoever orders first should have their order submitted no matter who pays first. People would just have to keep their ticket. The touchscreen could ask at the beginning for the student’s ID number too.”


Lowell Perkins, Senior

“I think the Swipe & Dining system was a very seedy and underhanded change. Because a very simple solution could have been placed in order to solve the problem – i.e. adding more swipes to the plans. There are now restrictions that were imposed on what swipes could be spent on and what dining to could be spent on in regards to specific types of food – it ends up changing a lot more about what you can and cannot buy. It forces you into making certain decisions about what you spend money on.”


Katie Burlas, Junior

“The Dining Dollars is a God da*n scam. The prices are way too high. The swipe situation is decent at best. The [Marketplace] has better options this year than last year, so I’m pretty content with my choices. I don’t really have any feelings towards [the touchscreen system]. I don’t think it’s beneficial but I don’t think it’s destructive either. I think you’re wasting a lot of paper (paper as in receipts), so it’s kind of bad for the environment.”


Benjamin Sharp, Sophomore

I like how they opened [the Meal Plans] up so you’re not restricted by the meal period. I like having the extra dining dollars too. I don’t like the [Marketplace’s] breakfast selection at all – it’s really gone down. They don’t have the tater tots at all anymore. I like the sustainable table, it’s still my favorite part. I don’t like it because [the touchscreen system] has slowed things down, it takes so much extra time; especially in the morning when I need that time to just eat and go to class – I can’t pull it off. We should have an app that has similar selection in the Blue and Grey, that connects to your account – then you could order and pay for food through there. That could make up for the slower process.”