Editor’s Letter (10/29)


Photo courtesy of Nicholas Wan

Dear Readers,

Welcome back to the 10/29 edition of The Comenian!

It’s finally here! After months of build-up and hard work, the print edition of The Comenian has arrived! Look for it in the HUB and in buildings around campus.

Since Fall of 2016, The Comenian has primarily been an online-only news source for all things Moravian. But I, and many others, look back fondly on the days of yore when newspapers were a common thing. 

When I was selected as editor-in-chief of The Comenian, I wrote down a list of things I wished to accomplish while serving in this role. One of those things was publishing a print edition of the paper. I cannot put into words how happy I am that this goal of mine has come to fruition. 

Before getting into the stories, I would like to tell my staff how incredible they have been — all throughout the year — in making this paper a success! I know things can get hectic when it comes time to publish, but they’ve stuck with me through it all. So to my staff, I hope you all take this newspaper, share it proudly with friends and family, and hold onto it as a memento. When you revisit this newspaper — however many years later that may be — hopefully you’ll remember the work you put into making this happen. 

For this edition of The Comenian, we have a few Halloween-themed articles for your reading pleasure.

Learn about the origins of Halloween, the formerly pagan holiday called “Samhain,” from reporter Shayla Borger. Experience the haunted history and ghost stories of Bethlehem as reporter Abby Brisson reports on the Historic Haunts of Downtown Bethlehem. Abby also presents her review on the Mountville, PA-based Field of Screams attraction, along with a spooky slideshow.

Discover new horror thrillers, as reporter AJ Minnich reviews the video game “Resident Evil 2”, and reporter Justin Weiksner reviews the movie “Halloween Kills”.  

The horror doesn’t stop there! Check out copy editor Anna Litofsky’s Halloween edition of her hit comic “Behind the Mask”, as well as Anna’s discussion about Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein”, and how the monster has evolved over time. 

Here’s where the horror stops actually, as AJ Minnich discusses why horror as a movie genre is ineffective these days.

Interested in joining or learning more about The Comenian? Read our club spotlight for more information, including signup info! 

Reporter Luana Rebello shares her interview with Dr. Godfred Fianu in our “Professor Spotlight” feature. And reporter Dominic Trabosci gives four quick, bite-size album reviews and recommendations in a new feature called “Rapid Album Reviews”.

And that’s that! Thank you to our readers for your continued support of The Comenian! Thank you to all who’ve made this possible. 


Your editor-in-chief,