Rant of the Week: Registration Woes


Photo courtesy of thecut.com

Going into registration I knew it would be bad because there would be hundreds of people registering at the same time, but my experience registering for classes blew every expectation out of the water. In short, it was a complete mess and the whole process felt like trying to buy a PlayStation 5 with how much of a mess it was. 

That said, from what I’ve been able to tell, my experience was significantly worse than most. So this critique may not be representative.

On November 3, my roommate and I woke up a minute or so before 7 a.m. We logged on to our computers and tried to sign into AMOS. 

This is where the first problem arose, because it took me nearly 20 minutes just to sign in because the site wasn’t loading. During registration, AMOS crashed more times than Rickey Bobby in “Talladega Nights.”

When I finally got in, navigating to the course registration page was a slow process, but certainly not as bad as signing in was. It’s when I finally got to the registration page that I ran into problems. 

Just getting into the checkout page was an enormous pain that required multiple tries because of the site continuously crashing like airplanes in the Bermuda Triangle. Once I finally got to the checkout page, I checked off all my courses, and hit “Register.” After a few minutes of loading, it finally worked. I was registered!

For one class.

I don’t know what happened, but after I registered, only one class worked and the other three had red x marks on them. 

At this point, I started to get worried because there were only two seats left for the geology class I wanted to take. So I went back and tried again. After another five to 10 minutes, the same thing happened. This time though, none of the other classes registered. 

At this point, my roommate was able to get into that same geology class that I couldn’t!

Now I started to get mad. 

 I tried once more and finally this time it worked and my classes were registered — but the geology class now was out of seats. I had to rush to find a replacement class because AMOS decided it hated me on that day. I ended up finding a replacement class and had to check out again.

Finally, it worked and I was registered for all my classes. But I’d be lying if this wasn’t one of the most infuriating things I’ve experienced in a while and you bet I was salty for the rest of the day, especially after trying to register for 40 minutes. I “checked out” twice before my roommate and yet somehow he gets in his classes, while I didn’t because AMOS decided to crash.

Overall, course registration was a nightmare. The site kept crashing and not working, my courses weren’t registering, and to boot, I had to wake up at what felt like the butt crack of dawn only to want to smash my computer.