Top 25 Romantic Movies To Watch On Valentine’s Day And Where To Stream Them

Movies to watch with your partner

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Set it Up (2018) ||  Two overworked and underappreciated assistants decide to set up their mogul bosses to get them off their back. 

“Set it Up” is available to watch on Netflix


The Big Sick (2017) ||  A struggling comic, Kumail meets a successful student, Emily and the two begin dating. Shortly after their romance begins, Emily falls into a coma, and throughout that time Kumail creates a bond with both her mother and father showing just how much he loves her.

“The Big Sick” is available to watch on Amazon Prime Video

Crazy Rich Asians (2018) ||  Rachel Chu accompanies her boyfriend, Nick, to his best friend’s wedding in Singapore. But little does she know that Nick is a part of one of the most wealthy families in the country. Will she change who she is in order to impress Nick’s family or will her personality shine brighter than their judgmental and materialistic glares?

“Crazy Rich Asians” is available to watch on HBO Max


Always Be My Maybe (2019) ||  After childhood best friends Sasha and Marcus fall out of contact, the two run into each other years later and realized just how much growing up they have done, yet still need to do.

“Always Be My Maybe” is available to watch on Netflix


The Holiday (2006) || During the Christmas season, two women, Iris and Amanda decide to swap houses. One lives in a modern home in California and the other in a cute cabin in England. Throughout their time in these new places, both create unexpected and strong bonds with some very interesting men.

“The Holiday” is available to watch on Netflix

Movies to watch if you’re single

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Forgetting Sarah Marshall (2008) || A struggling musician just got dumped by his TV star girlfriend, Peter Bretter escapes to Hawaii in hopes of some clarity. While there he soon realizes that he is staying in the same hotel as his ex-girlfriend and her new lover. How will all this play out?

“Forgetting Sarah Marshall” is available to watch on Netflix


Under the Tuscan Sun (2003) ||  After leaving her husband for having an affair, Frances Mayes goes on an impulsive trip to Tuscany, where she meets many interesting locals as well as a particularly handsome man named Marcello. 

“Under the Tuscan Sun” is available to watch on Amazon Prime Video


Love Actually (2003) ||  If you like multiple storylines intertwined into one, you’ll love this film. Nine stories in total are combined in this flick, all exploring the emotional complexities that come with falling or being in love. Sacrifices are made, love is lost and found, and lives are changed.

“Love Actually” is available to watch on Netflix


How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days (2003) ||  Andie Anderson is a budding writer trying to expand her portfolio. She decides to write a new piece on how to get a man to leave you in 10 days. Immediately after receiving the go-ahead from her boss, Anderson learns a gentleman claims he can make anyone fall in love with him in 10 days. Who will prove their theory first? 

“How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days” is available to watch on Amazon Prime Video


To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before (2018) ||  Lara Jean has always been a romantic, but acting on those feelings is a different story. For years, she has been writing secret letters, bearing her soul all of her crushes. Then suddenly, the letters get mailed out, and she must now face all the boys she loved before.

“To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before” is available to watch on Netflix


Movies to watch on Galentine’s Day

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Bridesmaids (2011) ||  Life-long friends Annie and Lillian have been through just about everything together, and now they have a new adventure to tackle, Lillian is getting married! Because of how long the bride has known Annie, she makes her the maid of honor, even with that title she can’t help but feel inferior to Lillian’s new and incredibly lavish friend, Helen. Will their friendship survive Lillian’s big day or will these childhood friends become each other’s childhood memories?

“Bridesmaids” is available to watch on Amazon Prime Video


Girls Trip (2017) ||  Four college besties reunite after years of being apart. Our main characters are Ryan Pierce, a famous lifestyle guru, Sasha who is an ex-journalist turned gossip blogger, Lisa, a nurse and mother, and finally Dina, a party animal like no other. How will this trip turn out for this old college squad? Are they past their prime, or is it just beginning?

“Girls Trip” is available to watch on Amazon Prime Video


How to be Single (2016) ||  Shortly after ending her long-term relationship, Alice exits college to start her career as a paralegal. While working she meets Robin who is always down for a good time with good men and good drinks. Together they run their own world!

“How to be Single” is available to watch on Amazon Prime Video


Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants (2005) ||  Lena, Tibby, Bridget, and Carmen endure an unforgettable summer when a magical pair of jeans enters their lives. Adapted from the book of the same name, these characters learn to navigate through life without their friends directly by their side. Luckily they are able to know they will always have each other through the shared experiences given to them by the pants.

“Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants” is available to watch on Amazon Prime Video


Booksmart (2019) ||  Two brainiac high school seniors finally decide to let loose with the rest of their peers, but did they let their freak flag fly a little too high?

“Booksmart” is available to watch on Netflix


Movies to watch in a long-distance relationshiImages courtesy of

Five Feet Apart (2019) ||  Stella has spent most of her life in a hospital as a cystic fibrosis patient. Her entire life, sheltered, unable to make contact with the outside world in the same ways as other people, which never posed a problem. Until she met Will, a boy with the same illness as her, together the two discover how they can love each other from a distance, no matter how impossible it seems.

“Five Feet Apart” is available to watch on Netflix


Going the Distance (2010) ||  Erin and Garrett are deeply in love, after Erin moves to San Francisco for work, leaving behind her musician lover in New York. While apart they keep their relationship alive through video calls, phone calls, and lots of plane tickets.

“Going the Distance” is available to watch on HBO Max


Like Crazy (2011) ||  Attending college in LA, Jacob meets Anna, a girl from London. The two fall crazy in love until they are forced apart due to Anna’s visa. Now in a long-distance relationship, they must figure out how to live apart but together.

“Like Crazy” is available to watch on Amazon Prime Video


Sleepless in Seattle (1993) ||  After the death of his wife, Sam moves to Seattle with his young son Jonah. Seeing how lonely his dad is Jonah calls into a radio station in an attempt to find a new wife for his dad. Also tuned into the radio show is Annie Reed, a single woman who falls for Sam after hearing his son’s plea.

“Sleepless in Seattle” is available to watch on Amazon Prime Video


Dear John (2010) ||  Soldier John Tyree meets Savannah, a college student. The two start a whirlwind romance until John is deployed into a very dangerous location. They communicate through letters while he is on-site. Will their romance outlast the war?

“Dear John” is available to watch on Netflix

Movies to watch if you want a good cry

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P.S. I Love You (2007) ||  When Holly Kennedy’s husband tragically passes she losses the love of her life. But knowing how strong their love is he does not want Holly to grieve alone, so before his death, he plans out her 30th birthday. Now on a scavenger hunt, Holly must find letters from her late husband that will help her grieve as well as move onto new love.

“P.S. I Love You” is available to watch on Google Play


The Notebook (2004) ||  It’s 1940 in South Carolina when Noah, a miller worker meets Allie, a young heiress. Her parents don’t approve of her spending so much time with a “common boy”. And almost as if their voices were heard from God, Noah is sent off to fight in WWII, but even a world war cannot stop their love. 

“The Notebook” is available to watch on HBO Max


Me Before You (2016) ||  Louisa Clark is newly unemployed and while on the hunt for a new job she meets Will Traynor. Will unfortunately has become paralyzed due to a motorcycle accident. But lucky for Louisa, he is looking for a caregiver. The two slowly but surely begin to form a close bond with one another.

“Me Before You” is available to watch on Amazon Prime Video


One Day (2011) ||  Emma and Dexter could not be more different. Emma wishes to make the world a better place, and Dexter is a playboy who thinks the whole world is his playground. But every year on July 15, the two come together to share their hopes, dreams, and a few tears. Until one day, they realize all they need is each other.

“One Day” is available to watch on Amazon Prime Video


If I Stay (2014) ||  Following a fatal car crash that kills her mother and father, Kim and her little brother, Teddy are in a hospital fighting for their lives. Kim is in a coma and while unconscious we see her life play out in her head as she recalls late nights with friends, playing/listening to music, and her love Adam. Now, Kim must choose between waking up from her coma and living the rest of her life without her parents or to go into the light and be reunited with them for eternity. Will she stay?

“If I Stay” is available to watch on Amazon Prime Video