Our 2022 Oscars Predictions


Photo courtesy of goldderby.com

A couple weeks ago, the Oscars released the nominees for the 94th Annual Academy Awards, honoring the movies released between March and December 2021.

Here are our predictions on what movies will return with awards in each category. Starting with:

Actor in a Leading Role

After the controversies surrounding this award with last year’s Oscar when they saved it for the last award as an honor to the late Chadwick Boseman, and then chose not to give him the award, we’re watching this category with hesitancy. My prediction is a rather safe one, with Will Smith winning for his performance in “King Richard.” Smith is a very predictable winner and is believed to win, especially after winning the Golden Globe.

Animated Feature Film

This is without a doubt the most painful category, for the simple reason that I know the movie that deserves to win will not win. If I had to choose a winner I would pick “The Mitchell’s vs the Machines,” MvM, in a heartbeat. The film is phenomenal and blends brilliant new styles of animation and has amazing characters and good queer representation. However, I know that it will not win. It’s sadly very predictable that the Oscar for Best Animated Film will most likely go to “Encanto.” It’s much more popular than MvM, and has lots of favor with its music.

Best Cinematography

“Dune.” All that really needs to be said about almost all of the technical awards is that more than likely they will go to “Dune.” It makes sense. “Dune” was a phenomenal film and a marvel of filmmaking, very technically brilliant and an amazing film.

Best Film Editing

Remember when we said that “Dune” would sweep the technical awards? Yes, I wasn’t joking, “Dune” will probably end up winning for film editing as well.

Best Direction

Okay so maybe I lied a little: “Dune” is not my prediction for Best Direction, because it isn’t nominated. Even if it were, Best Direction is a very competitive category. In the end, I believe it will be one of two but cannot with confidence guess one over the other. The two predictions being for Paul Thomas-Anderson with “Licorice Pizza,” and Kenneth Branaugh with “Belfast.” Both directors and films have gained lots of attention and recognition, and have been strong contenders.

Best Costume Design and Makeup and Hairstyling 

Strangely enough, “Dune” is not a leader for these categories. Instead, the front runner and our prediction is that the Oscars will go to “Cruella.” The costumes and makeup of ’20s attire is a love letter to Hollywood, so it has that going for it. These two categories have been combined, and for that reason “Cruella” is my prediction for both of them.

Best International Film

While I would love to see “Flee” win this category, I know that the academy has a disdain for animation, and as such, I am going to have to give my prediction to the Italian film “Hand of God.”

Best Original Score

This is another one of those categories where, in good faith, I cannot predict one film over another. The two films that I believe have the best chance for best original score are “Dune” from Hanz Zimmer, and “Encanto” by Germaine Franco. Both films have amazing scores that I think will do well with the academy. One score provides deep and dramatic tension, and the other brings an upbeat score that amplifies the feelings.

Best Original Song

Okay, Academy: as much as I would hate to see him earn it, I think it is finally time that Lin Manuel-Miranda earns his Oscar. Yes, I know, I know, that sentence hurts to say, but I have a strong feeling that Dos Oruguitas from “Encanto” will score the Oscar for Best Original Song.

Best Production Design

Alright everyone! Give me a D! U! N! E! That’s right, “Dune” all the way. It feels almost unavoidable at this point that the film will win this award with its massive set pieces and intricate design, it’s impossible it doesn’t win.

Best Sound and Visual Effects

Yes this is another double header for awards. While it feels like a very safe bet, it’s also a very strong one to predict “Dune” winning out in these categories. “West Side Story” does give competition in best sound, but I am still quite confident in “Dune” to win both awards.

Adapted Screenplay

For those who are unaware despite how much I’ve already talked about it in this article. “Dune” is one of the first modern Sci-Fi books, and was a massive success, already having one film adaptation. The new adaptation however, is seen as far better thanks to much greater improved filmmaking, so it is no surprise that it will most likely win here.

Original Screenplay

Once again I believe that for Original Screenplay the Oscar will go to “Belfast.” With the film being predicted for Best Picture it would be no surprise for it to win an award for its Screenplay as well.

Best Picture

Lastly we arrive at Best Picture. While “Belfast” is the hopeful for this Category, I don’t believe it is without competition, and I honestly am unsure if it will win. Just because of how large this category is, I am going to give two predictions. I believe that either “Belfast” or “The Power of Dog” will win Best Picture this year.