April Fool’s Day Feature: The Tabletop Club Responds to the Kubb Team

Photo courtesy of ancientmedievaladventures.wordpress.com

Photo courtesy of ancientmedievaladventures.wordpress.com

It is within the interest of the Tabletop Club to not engage another gaming club in a bout of conflict. At the Tabletop Club the policy is “all have a spot at the table for a round.” Yet, a singular entity within the institution has continuously slighted the table openly and within private. That Moravian University Kubb Team has been that entity.

Thus, this is a formal declaration that I, Bard of the House Bardelli, do declare the statements given by the Kubb Team as has been stated by the aforementioned team to be a hostile notice. It is with great heart and sorrows that I announce in kind the following to be an act of war.

From the words of the ambassador to the Kubb Team, it is made clear they attack without reason and slander with no grounds. The knowledge they display about our means and our hobby is rudimentary and should therefore be dismissed as the words of a maddened force that seeks to destroy all that which is good and welcoming.

Their prerogative has been made clear; the Kubb Team wishes nothing more than for their preposterous propaganda to dissuade all who are welcomed at the table from partaking.

In an age long since gone, all games be they physical or mental, upon a field or on the table were within their bounds to walk with kindness to their fellow gamer. The actions taken by those of this Kubb gathering have broken the sacred vows of kinship between gamers. They seek annihilation completely and utterly. The Tabletop shall never yield. For every dowel which is thrown, we shall withstand and make our save. For every slight against us, we shall respond in kind with a well timed response from our hand. 

To those who seek disunity and ruin amongst gamers we, the Tabletop, shall smite thee with strength and vigor for the good of all our kind. You have taken your turn to bring hate where none was. Thus, we shall take ours to defend our honor. So it stands to reason that it is your turn. What shall you do??? Pass or play???