Halloween Scream Fest at Clewell Hall

Halloween Scream Fest at Clewell Hall

Clewell Hall, Main Hall, and the Hill residents at Moravian College hosted a haunted house to celebrate Halloween welcoming 78 guests on Saturday, Oct. 29. Clewell Hall was transformed from a traditional residence hall into a spooky Society home, where not everything was as it seemed when those brave enough first entered through its doors.

The haunted house began when guests entered the house and encountered a greeter, who welcomed them to the Order of Noster, which was the name of the Society. The greeter thanked the guests and began to talk to the group as he led them upstairs toward the darker expanse of the staircase. After explaining the Order, the greeter suggested the group continue on upstairs without him and said, “It is better to experience our wonderful establishment by one’s self.”

As the guests walked up the stairs, they were  greeted with small tea lights that illuminated their path and led them to the third floor. As they made their way up, they came to a dark hallway, where someone popped out from one of the small alcoves hidden in the hall. Another person screamed, “Who’s there?” and sprang from an open room with a picture of an old woman surrounded by lights.

“Don’t disturb my prayer!” the man yelled before he retreated into another room. At the end of the hall, someone ran out of the room and yelled for help before being knocked to the ground by another man.

As the man begged to be let out from the darkness inside the room, the second man said, “I’m terribly sorry. He is a very sick man and we are doing everything we can to help him.”

The groups continued down the next staircase to the second floor, where they were met by injured people lying on the floor who were begging for help and moaning  “He is crazy” and “Get away while you still can.” In the background, guests could hear a high-pitched, daunting laugh coming from the rooms.

Suddenly, a woman ran out and told the guests to escape before he got them. Soon after, a crazed man in scrubs with a  machete in his hand came up from behind her and dragged her away away while she screamed. After that incident, chopping could be heard from inside the room,  while the injured people on the floor urged the guests to leave.

The guests continued to the first floor, where they entered a strange room that was lit up with colorful lights and had creepy music playing. There were outlandish people present, some wearing strange costumes and others looking crazed. They were all mumbling and moaning,  some of them  just staring at the new guests.

Then those possessed creatures began to scream at the guests, telling them to get away from them as they slowly got  closer, forcing the guests back down the stairs and into the basement.

In the basement, the guests  met a man dressed in black with his face covered in blood.  The man directed them toward the basement room, where guests were greeted by strobe lights that illuminated a ritual taking place. At this point, they were greeted with people eating human body parts. The bloody-faced ghouls proceeded to chase guests out of the basement room and back out into the night air.

The relief that guests felt leaving the haunted house proved that it was a success helping to spread the Halloween spirit to the community.