Study Spot Scavenger Hunt

Photo courtesy of AJ Minnich

Photo courtesy of AJ Minnich

Welcome to campus Greyhounds! Whether you’re just starting at Moravian or it’s your final year, I think we can all agree that a good study spot is a necessity for any college student. My gift to you as the school year begins is this checklist, filled with necessities that should be in any study space.


This doesn’t mean you need to isolate yourself in a dark room, but a crowded dining hall is probably not the smartest place to buckle down and write a twelve-page paper. For example, the Shoes Off Lounge in Sally is a quiet, little spot to curl up and read, study, or practice a presentation.

Is this the right environment?

Despite the fact that you spent hours decorating your dorm room, and it looks so you! But studying in your bed often leads to drooling on your lab reports, sloppy handwriting as you drift off to sleep mid-sentence and overall lethargy. Going to a communal, yet comfortable space like your building’s respected common rooms is the ultimate happy medium for when you want to be both comfortable and productive.

Don’t let the nurses have all the fun!

Step into the Sally, the stunning newest edition of the Moravian campus. Built in 2017, this beautiful building is primarily used for Moravian nursing students, but if you are searching for a quiet, naturally-lit spot where you can observe nature from indoors, look no further. The upper levels of the Sally building are full of desks, chairs, couches, tables, and even full classrooms where you can spread out your materials, and GET TO WORK!

Vitamin D leads to grade A’s

Even though the air conditioning is nice, we should all try to enjoy the last couple of warm weeks we have before the chill of fall washes over campus. Covering the campus (as I’m sure you’ve seen), hammock after hammock. And if that’s not your thing, there are plenty of Adirondack chairs and benches to go around. Take advantage of the breathtaking scenery of this university. One of my favorite spots to sit, study, and sightsee is in front of Comenius Hall, looking onto the stoic building, shadowing over the green grass. This castle is certainly a must-study spot for any Greyhound.