The Commuter Corner: The Commuter Student Association

Photo courtesy of Lola Offenback

Photo courtesy of Lola Offenback

Welcome back to the Commuter Corner! This week, we address gas prices and summarize last week’s Commuter Student Association meeting. 

On 22 September, The Commuter Student Association had their first meeting of the semester in Reeves Library at the AfterWords Cafe! Joining the CSA is a great opportunity to meet other commuters, voice issues you would like addressed, and wind down. To learn more information about the club, check out their Instagram page @commuterstudentassociation. 

The CSA is looking forward to starting new initiatives on campus this semester.

They will be hosting Commuter Happy Hours at different times throughout the day to fit the schedules of all commuters. At Commuter Happy Hour, snacks and crafts will be provided and commuters can take time to relax during their busy days. The association is also seeking to create “Commuter Pit Stops” throughout campus where students can get a snack, take a nap, or store their items. 

The CSA stresses that there are never any obligations to come or stay long at events. They understand how busy a commuter’s schedule can be! 

Now, let’s talk about gas prices.

Before moving to Pennsylvania this summer, I lived in New Jersey, and never had to pump my own gas. So, I was in for a reality check when I pulled into a gas station in my local town, Whitehall, for the first time. It was 7:30 AM and I was running late for my 8:00 AM class. Entering the store, I explained to the employee that I had never pumped my own gas before and did not know how to pay with cash. 

She was quick to teach me that I had to tell her what pump I was at and how much I wanted to pay. This kind woman even took the time to go out to my car and show me exactly what I had to do at the pump. 

This took away a large part of the anxiety I was feeling, and now, I worry more about how much I am spending on gas rather than how to pump it. 

As to be expected, membership stores such as Costco and BJs have the lowest prices. This week, the Costco in Allentown has prices listed as $3.47 for Regular and $4.08 for Premium. 

The nearest Wawa to Moravian is on 1584 8th Ave., with this week’s prices being $3.63. Also near Moravian, Sheetz on Schoenersville Road is $3.62. 

In Bethlehem, at 2960 Linden Street, Sunoco’s gas is priced at $3.55. Also in Bethlehem, BP at 3562 Bath Pike has gas priced at $3.49. Local Speedway’s are averaging $3.67. 

Personally, I try to find a non-chain gas station that is on my way to or from school. That way, I am not using more gas to get to a pump and am getting the lowest price possible. On my ride to school, there is a gas station called B and B Food Mart in Catasauqua, with this week’s prices being $3.55. That is 10 cents lower than last week. 

You may have noticed recently that gas prices are slowly dropping. This is the first time gas prices have dropped below $4.00 since March. This is because of a decrease in demand and a decline in oil prices. However, these daily declining prices are not expected to last. 

For now, all we can do is hunt for the lowest prices! I use the app GasBuddy to track local gas stations and the daily prices. As always, if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, reach out to me at [email protected]