New Relationship Column: Ana’s Answers

New Relationship Column: Anas Answers

Hello, Hounds!

My name is Anastacia Faisetty but everyone calls me Ana. I am a sophomore here at Moravian and I am writing a column where I offer my advice to help with your relationship worries!

Before we get into the details about this column, here is a little background on me. I was born and raised in Bethlehem but I do dorm on campus in Joe Smith. Growing up I always wanted to help others in any way I could. When you’re young there are very limited things you can do, so I started to listen.

I became sort of a therapist for my friends and family. I listen without judgment and I respond in a cool and collected manner. Now I am no saint. I have had my fair share of arguments with my parents because I couldn’t go to the mall with my friends. Yet here I am.

If that doesn’t seem qualifying enough for this column I am currently in a relationship with my boyfriend that has been going on for 3 years. We met in high school and for me, it was love at first sight. He is currently going to Penn State Berks so seeing him has been harder but we manage just fine. Like every relationship, we have had our fair share of ups and downs but we have worked through them as best we can.

Now, what is this column exactly? This is a safe space for all Moravian students to ask questions about relationships. I know that all kinds of relationships can be difficult to navigate. That is where I jump in.

All types of questions are acceptable and everyone is accepted. Submitting a question is as easy as ever. I have made a Google Form that will record your question but not your email. I did put a non-required text box if you wanted to include your name and your class. This is up to your comfort level. Click on the link to the form here.

Any questions submitted will be completely confidential. I don’t have to know your name or anything about you, just your situation and your question. Some examples of questions one could ask me include, My boyfriend has a girl best friend who is a little too close for comfort, what do I do? I think I am gay but my friends wont accept me, what do I do? Is it bad to stay friends with an ex? Is long distance worth it?

I hope to hear from you soon!